RN's! I need your advice!!

  1. I'm a GN and I was offered a medsurg position recently, but I am also hoping for the mpcu position I interviewed for. If I happen to be offered the mpcu position also, I'm not sure on which one I should take. The mpcu intimidates me, but I also think that jumping right in would be good for me and I'd eventually be thankful I took a more challenging position. Medsurg is more in my comfort zone, and i'm not sure if I should take it to get my "feet wet" first before mpcu or icu. Any suggestions?? I also plan on going to grad school soon so mpcu would help.
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  3. by   tokmom
    What do you know about each floor, staff and manager? That would also be a deciding factor for me. The patients might be fascinating, but if a floor as a high turnover, that should be considered.

    Edited to add: What kind of preceptorship did the mpcu offer? What happens if you don't feel comfortable enough when orientation ends? Then what?
    The same with med/surg.

    Again, just some other things to consider.
  4. by   SionainnRN
    What is MPCU? As a new grad I started in the Trauma ICU, they liked hiring new grads because they didn't have to untrain the bad habits some nurses pick up on med/surg. What do you want to do in the end run? What are your career goals?
  5. by   rita359
    If I were looking at these two possibilities I would like to be fairly certain I had a good long orientation period for the mpcu. There is a lot to be learned for a new grad no matter where you work.
  6. by   nurseprnRN
    Please, what is "MPCU"?
  7. by   BostonFNP
    Quote from GrnTea
    Please, what is "MPCU"?
    Assume medical progressive care unit
  8. by   nurseprnRN
    And what, pray is that? What we used to call "stepdown," or "intermediate ICU," i.e., the step between the ICU and the med/surg floor? Great.

    Take the job. You'll learn a lot, and you can progress either to med/surg, where your enhanced assessment skills and sharpened instincts will be an asset, or to the ICU, where you will be perfectly positioned to learn more and assume progressive responsibility, whichever you prefer when the time comes.
  9. by   kelso1001
    yes, mpcu is a an icu stepdown unit. I am leaning towards this position..
  10. by   Nurse Kyles
    Quote from kelso1001
    yes, mpcu is a an icu stepdown unit. I am leaning towards this position..
    I would take this position, as long as the nurse/patient ratios are good. You will learn so much! I can't even adequately express the amount I have learned in the last 9 months working in a PCU. If the ratios are >3:1 I would be leery though. We never have more than 3 patients and sometimes 2. I would also inquire about the amount of orientation and continuing education provided, as good education will be crucial to your success. Good luck & keep us posted!