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Not sure where to post this but hopefully it is the right place. I just got hired on a Ortho/Neuro unit. The job is not that bad, the preceptors are. I have 4 total and each one has a way of doing things, which now I am lost. One... Read More

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    Quote from dhusc1228
    It is but they felt that patient safety and the unit where in jeopardy from the risk I would have a seizure. I have epilepsy which has been well controlled for almost 2 years with medication and my Neurologist. I mentioned it to the nurse educator as to why I decided to take the job in Neuro over NICU. Yes this was a Neuro /Ortho unit. The next thing I know I am in my directors office saying that she is worried about my health (yea right) and scheduled a meeting with HR. Instead of transferring me to another unit they let me go. I am seeing an attorney today.
    Good idea (seeing the attorney that is). I am not a fan of people saying "see a lawyer" for everything, but what they did seems like a blatantly illegal act. (just my , not an expert legal opinion)

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