Opinions about transferring unit?

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    Hello there,

    Any opinions will be highly appreciated.
    I am a NEW GRADUATE RN. I got a job in PCU and my plan is to transfer to an ICU in the same hospital.
    My question is:
    - What is the appropriate time frame to transfer? I feel like it is bad to transfer as soon as possible after the unit takes me in as a new graduate and train me.
    - Are employers usually open to employee transfer to different unit for something I like or to gain more experience on other specialties?
    - Any suggestions on how to make the transfer that will not leave a bad impression on the manager as well as the unit.

    The manager knows I like ICU and he even asked if I applied to ICU position, which I did but I got this job offer first and accepted it. It is a great unit with lot of learning opportunities.

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    At my facility, I think you have to be in that unit for like 6 mo. to even be considered for transfer.
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    My hospital requires 1 year, especially for new grads, you actually have to sign a contract to this effect so the unit who hired you gets their moneys worth.

    "Thou shalt not transfer until thou has reached 1 year"
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    I do not have to sign a contract, but in all the new grad BSNs are enrolled into a 1 year residency program, so I think it is best to stay at least 1 year????????
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    Quote from candyn
    i do not have to sign a contract, but in all the new grad bsns are enrolled into a 1 year residency program, so i think it is best to stay at least 1 year????????
    am i correct in understanding that you haven't even started the job yet? then how do you know you won't absolutely love it? i think you're putting the cart before the horse, here. but yes, you should stay at least one year.
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    Ruby Vee,

    Yes, I have not even started the job yet and I did not say I will not love it. I said "It is a great unit with lot of learning opportunities." I am just saying my dream job is a ICU position and asking for opinions on the length and how to make transfer best for the employer and unit

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    You should stay at least a year if that is the program length. You were honest about your interest so maybe once its getting close to a year you can start looking for ICU openings. Good luck with the new job!
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    Be careful of what you say when you do start work. You do not want to create bad opinions from the beginning by emphasizing your ICU desires too soon. If people develop bad opinions of you they might be able to thwart any future plans.
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    Hi Caliotter3,
    Are you saying that it is not a good idea to let people know about my interest to transfer to an ICU? I want to be honest. I told the nurse manager that my interest is ICU, but I want to start with the unit to improve my skills and it is best for new grad to start in a step-down unit than right into a ICU. Is it a good way to say?
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    By the way, I plan to stay at least 1 year or until I think I am ready for ICU, which will not be anywhere less than 1 year

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