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Hey all. I'm trying to put together a list of hospitals that offer nurse residency programs for new graduates. Here is what I have so far, please add any hospitals that you know of.. Seton Hospital - Austin, TX Georgetown... Read More

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    Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center- Lebanon, NH
    Wentworth Douglas Hospital- Dover, NH
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    Just wanted to thank everyone who has listed hospitals who have residency programs. This is an extremely valuable thread!
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    Valley Hospital, Ridgewood, NJ
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    St. Joseph's Hospital - Marshfield, Wisconsin

    7 month new grad residency program for grads wanting to go into SICU, CCU, PACU, ER. The also have a little shorter program for those wantiong to work in med-surg.
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    Palo Alto VA, California
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    There's one at Florida Hospital. They offer training in critical care, med-surg, and emergency care. You can check it out here:

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    Im new here, I posted a list of new graduate residency programs about 60 of them, Its under "All the Nurse Residency programs you ever wanted" i probably posted it under the wrong forum or something but it should be helpful.
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    I think Mayo does in the Minnesota location iirc?

    Also, University of Maryland Medical Center was advertising one a few months ago.
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    Munroe Regional Medical Center in ocala florida
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    William Backus hospital, Norwich, CT
    Hospital of Central Connecticut, New Britain, CT has a smaller scale similar training program into different areas for new grads. I don't think it's exactly a nurse residency program though.

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