Nobody wants to hire me?!

  1. I'm a new nurse and I do have a job so I'm thankful but I am very unhappy with it. Was fully stressed to the max, my blood sugar was super high some days, I cried before going in, diarhea, upset stomach, trouble sleeping, etc. so I asked to be switched to a non critical care unit and I'm awaiting the change now. In the meantime I have applied to jobs closer to home (I have to travel a bit to get to work now) and I'm not getting anywhere. I'm assuming its because I'm a new grad still and I've missed the window of opportunity for new grads now.

    So does this mean I have to stay in a place I don't like, because even though I will be switching units, I really don't like the long travel but at the time when I was offered the job I thought it was only 3 - 12 hour shifts but now after I've been there I've discovered its some 12's some 8's etc. so you are traveling a lot more than I thought I would be. Plus I really would like to work closer to home in case of an emergency I would be closer to my family (husband and son).

    I feel like a failure. I'm begining to doubt if nursing was the right career for me (second career choice). If I will ever like what I do or if its just where I am. I know that I don't want to be in the hospital for the whole of my nursing career but from what I've seen and read you can't get anywhere as a nurse without at least 1-2 years of hospital bedside experience. So I'm trying to at least find a field that I like while I am doing that but its hard. I'm basically stuck. I feel like I've made a huge mistake by jumping into what I did right after graduation and now nobody else will give me a chance. I graduated with honors, I was a good student and have always been a good employee but now on this new venture I am getting nowhere.

    I see so many people say they hate nursing and some that say they love it. When do you know? I tell you, most of the people I see at work look like they "have" to be there, not like the love what they do? I know all careers have their ups and downs but I just figured there would be some positive influence.

    It's all kinds of stuff but right now I feel constantly depressed, worried about finances and about letting down my family and friends and myself. Please share with me your experiences about nursing if you felt like it wasn't for you at first and then grew to love it later? I'm assuming I just haven't found my niche...and I've only just begun - been a nurse for three months.
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    I should add too that after reading a lot of other similar posts I'm seeing that same phrase that I always hear - the good thing about nursing is there are so many options. But this simply doesn't seem to be true for a new grad! You have to do a year or two of stuff this means that you have to be miserable for that long before you can try something else? Is this true? That is a scary thought!
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    If you are truly miserable, get out of that facility. However, if you are stressed because of a new environment and/or responsibilities, is staying an option? Did you have enough orientation? Do you have a mentor? Is there a co-worker that you like and trust that could show you some ways to get organized or prioritize your care?

    I am sorry you are having such a hard time. Nursing is a second career for me too and I do know how you feel. Take care.
  5. by   raemon
    be patient... great things are just about to pour on our way...
    stay positive....Godbless us
  6. by   RN1989
    It sounds like you are stressing after finding out what the real world is like. Sorry that they didn't prepare you for this in nursing school.

    Until you get to change positions, you need to focus on what you CAN do right now to get you through this. It is probably going to be hard to get a job somewhere else right now because they may not have any more orientations for new grads until the next group graduates. Most education budgets are too small to allow ongoing orientation for new grads if they try to give you a halfway decent orientation. It would be easier for you to stick this place out a year to be able to get another job, since many HR people are shying away from people they perceive as "job hoppers". After you have a year down, it will be easy to simply say you left that job and are looking for another because you want to be closer to home.

    Can you make it as a nurse? That is going to be up to you. Sounds like you need to pretend to be a patient right now. Use your nursing process to assess yourself. What are your goals, both personal and professional? What are both the pros and cons of remaining in nursing? Where do you want to be (personally and professionally) in 6 mos, 1 yr, 3 yrs, etc? Will nursing help you achieve those goals? Will this job help you achieve those goals? (Obviously staying at this hospital in a new position will help with finances in the interim so you might need to think of this as you evaluate things. Look at the BIG picture, not just instant gratification though.)

    You've had a hard time and your self-esteem and confidence has suffered. If this job had turned out to be fantastic, I suspect you would not be having so many doubts. Unfortunately in the real world, it doesn't work that way. You cannot let yourself be completely defined by your job. As a nurse, you will always be a nurse even off the job, but you cannot let your successes and failures in the course of your career completely control and define how you see yourself as a person.

    Once you have experience under your belt, your confidence will improve and possibly your outlook on everything. You've come this far, IMO you should give it some time. Read over your goals, etc. that you have written. It's a lot different when you see things in writing. Pray about it. Things will happen that will help set you on the path you are supposed to be on.

    Finding your niche may be challenging but not impossible. Until you have tried many different areas of nursing, you won't be able to say honestly that you hate it. Most people don't hate nursing itself. It's the redundant/ridiculous regulations, the snotty people, the bad employers that go along with nursing that go along with nursing. You have to decide for yourself what your feelings are. Step back, take a deep breath, and get focused. Don't do anything rash until you are in control of your heart and mind. You will find the right path when you open up your heart and use your mind.
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    Quote from traumaRUs
    If you are truly miserable, get out of that facility. However, if you are stressed because of a new environment and/or responsibilities, is staying an option? Did you have enough orientation? Do you have a mentor? Is there a co-worker that you like and trust that could show you some ways to get organized or prioritize your care?

    I am sorry you are having such a hard time. Nursing is a second career for me too and I do know how you feel. Take care.
    This is great advice.

    I'm a student, but I do get concerned when I see new nurses post on how stressful it is.
    Could it be the overall adjustment of being on your own? To me, that would be scary for ANYONE! Try, if you can, to give yourself some time.

    Find time to do something POSITIVE before you go to work. Do you know what I do every day, and I've done this for years, and now do it with my kids? I get up in the mornings and do about 5 minutes of my "snoopy dance". We just crank up some music and just dance and act totally silly for 5 minutes...and I did this BEFORE I had children by myself as well.

    Works for me.
  8. by   Curious1alwys
    Hey I was in the same position you are, I am sure you have seen my posts, lol. Right now I think IS an akward time for hiring so don't let it get you down. Remember, applying and being rejected is also a blow to your self esteem! I found leaving my first job didn't really help much in the "improve my confidence and feel better" department. Then I just worried about money, why no one wanted to hire me, was I forgetting my skills, did I make the right decision, and WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME? LOL. Don't let that happen to you.

    If you truly want to find another job because you want to work closer to home and you don't like going in more than 3 days per week then I would by all means keep applying. If you are trying to spin your wheels and find a 'new start' hoping that once you make a change stuff will be better, maybe reconsider. I think so many of us new grads are so stressed that we will do anything to make that stress go away. You will have the same stress at the new job. Is it a different specialty?

    You see what I am getting at? You are almost half a year in, that is a major accomplishment! Pat yourself on the back and realize YOU ARE DEALING!:spin: I think those of us that get intense anxiety need to be able to recognize when IT IS THE ANXIETY TALKING and just mentally say, "SHUT UP". LOL. I know that is the case for me. I, for one, plan to make a 3x5 card with all the reasons I AM doing this (nursing) and going through all this stress and I am going to keep it in my pocket and read it when I freak out. That is the best I can do.

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  9. by   Virgo_RN
    What do you mean you're not getting anywhere? Have you had any interviews?
  10. by   Medsport
    Well, I've had 7 interviews and still no job. I'm starting to think there is either something in my background (such as being fired once), a bad reference, or maybe just bad interview skills as I'm not good with "small talk" and very quiet. I did have 2 offers, but 1 was about 6 weeks ago and I heard it was not a good place to work as they overwork you. The other is still up in the air, but she won't return my calls. Another place said they would hire me under contingency, but that was about a month ago and I still have'nt turned in the application. Its going on 3 months since I got my license and now they are starting to ask why I have'nt been working yet.
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