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New RN age bias

  1. 3 Can someone please explain the rationale for not hiring ready, willing, and able new grad RNs over the age of 60? I actually had a verbal offer for one lousy LTC shift a week and since being fingerprinted (where you have to put your birthday on the form) for the background check, haven't heard a peep AND the recruiter will not return calls from voice mail messages. Most people say I look 10-15 years younger than I am so maybe it's a BIG shock to see my age. I know there is nothing negative on my background file, I've been cleared numerous times in the past years for everything from clinicals to volunteer activites, so that can't possibly be the reason for the apparent change of heart. I really hadn't planned to retire and I'm not senile and decrepit.

    It is so unfair to work hard for 4 years, achieve good grades, and eagerly anticipate practice only to be ignored, rejected, and cold-heartedly dismissed.
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    I am so sorry you are going through this. It is totally unfair. No one should be judged on their ability to work based on age alone. I have worked with 60 year old nurses that should NOT be working, and have worked with 60 year olds that are awesome nurses to work with. Many 60 year olds have a long time to work before considering retirement. My mom is 58, and retirement is no where on her radar. (she works 2 jobs, one as an RN) I bet she works another 15 years. Same goes with 22 year olds and everything in between- some are very fit to work, others aren't. I am so sorry you are facing this age discrimination. It is not fair at all.

    Are you living in an area where there is an over saturation of nurses, by chance? Right now where I am, nurses are getting laid off. I am 32, have been with the company several years, and was laid off in May. I can't call it age discrimination. Maybe it was b/c I am pregnant? That isn't fair, either. Who knows. Finding jobs right now is tough for seasoned nurses, and very difficult for new grads here. I really hope that you find something that you love.
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    I wouldn't necessarily assume your troubles have anything to due with your age. New grads all over the country are having a hard time finding jobs.
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    A lot of employers are looking for experienced nurses. In my area, if you had years of experience, you'd be snatched up right away.
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    It's a tough job market right now for all new grads. I know I am feeling it!

    Try not to get too discouraged. Hopefully, an employer will soon see all that you have to offer & hire you.

    Nursing school was hard work. Now, finding a job is hard work! Eventually, all of that hard work will pay off - just keep at it, and don't lose heart.
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    Quote from kerussll
    I wouldn't necessarily assume your troubles have anything to due with your age. New grads all over the country are having a hard time finding jobs.
    I totally agree with this post. I don't see anything in the OP's story that is evidence of age discrimination. If she is 60 years old, they must have been aware that she was "mature" when they interviewed her -- and would not have offered the job had they had any concerns about her age.

    There could be a lot of other reasons for the delayed response from the recruiter (illness, vacation, budget changes, etc.)
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    Well the real hard facts is that employers now of days are not willing to hire new grads!!! I have looked high and low for jobs everywhere and I'm in my late 40's. If you have a great resume and cover letter you have a chance in long-term care!!! I recently was hired in long-term care after 2 months of have to be persistant!!! In this job market it is not worth the time to fill out apps at hospitals!!!
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    oh my! this is unfortunate. keep at it and i am sure you will find an establishment that will hire you. cheers.
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    I definitely experienced age discrimination when I went job-hunting. Boy, was it obvious. I don't want to say much more than that in a public forum. The good news is that some employers are *looking* for "mature" nurses. LTC and acute rehab seem to like us older new grads. In fact, the DON at the acute rehab facility where I work has stated that he likes the life experience older nurses bring. So while it sucks not to get a job you wanted, don't give up. Keep looking. And in your interview, sell your life experience like crazy! Stress how you can handle *anything*, including demanding family members, who can drive nurses and administrators nuts! Good luck.
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    Quote from Night Owl RN
    Can someone please explain the rationale for not hiring ready, willing, and able new grad RNs over the age of 60?
    Do not forget about the numerous new grad RNs under the age of 30 who are ready, willing, and able to work, yet still remain chronically unemployed after graduating and submitting stacks of applications.

    The economy sucks right now. Businesses see a nurse with 10 years of experience as more cost-effective than the new grad RN that will require expensive training hours and time to build skills and competence.