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i could possibly have the worst work experience that exists. first of all i have none in a healthcare setting other than my clinicals (not even an externship!). the two years i spent in nursing... Read More

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    Quote from jelly221
    I just got a job, graduated June, boards in July. I consider myself EXTREMELY lucky and am still trying to convince myself it's happened. I spent almost 2 months applying online, etc., until I realized that's not how you get a job. It's completely WHO you know!! Join a professional organization, hand your resume out to everyone, put blasts on Facebook to friends to see if they know anyone in healthcare that could introduce you. Go to professional mixer/networking events, just let anyone and everyone know that you're an enthusiastic, qualified RN who is looking for a job in which to excel! See if there are any clinics in your area that will allow you to volunteer as an RN. Summer camps need RNs, many will allow you to volunteer your time and still use your license.

    I hope that helps a little bit. You can do it!! There are jobs to be had, you might have to widen your search radius or the areas you're looking into- check out Craigslist!! I got several interviews and 3 job offers off of Craigslist (a couple were part-time, but hey!). Make sure you're on Indeed and Monster. Although I haven't had much luck with them, some people on this forum swear by it.

    Good luck! Remember, you worked your behind off for this degree/license. There's something out there- go get it!
    Thanks for sharing your tips. Best of luck

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    YES! thanks for the support!
    how do you get past your fears? i feel like i really hold myself back because i don't even think i'm qualified, but i really want to start somewhere and i know that i can be good at this. i got an offer at the flu clinic but turned down the job because i didn't really understand the terms of the contract.
    question on following up on your applications: when they tell you that your application is on file and they are still looking to fill the position, what would you ask next?
    still trying to stay positive. i try to remind myself that every person i personally know that graduated in nursing with or without the externships/pca jobs/etc. managed to land a job last year. so i can do it! we can do it!

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