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First, I would like to congratulate all of the new grads who have been able to secure RN employment in this bleek economy. It is a tough market for a new grad RN. A "year experience required" or "not... Read More

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    Hello, I'm a junior in a BSN program and I was wondering if any of the people who are having a difficult time finding a job participated in an Extern program? At my school we were told if we were able to get an extern position and did a great job we would more than likely be offered a position.
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    We were told that too, except the hospital then had a hiring freeze and while the externs were still offered jobs, they were offered jobs as techs and many were 'waiting' to be hired as RNs once the freeze was lifted.
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    This is scary! It seems like a few years ago there were tons of RN positions, but now there are fewer and fewer. I won't graduate until May 2015, but I definitely don't want to be stuck with several thousands in loans and no job opportunities. Good luck to everyone currently searching!
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    The job market is looking better and better for new grads. I graduated in Dec 14' and have a great job with great pay. Try looking for new grad/resident programs and don't wait until graduation to start looking!
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    I graduated in Dec 2014. I took my NCLEX on Jan 21, 2015 and by the end of January I went on 3 interviews and received 3 job offers. If you try hard it's not that bad.
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    I agree apply everywhere you can.
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    I'm glad I've widened my search for a new grad position to nursing homes. I have received 2 job offers from two nursing homes and have one more interview to go to and that is for a hospital this upcoming Monday. It will be about 18 days since I received my license and went on the job hunt when I interview. If the hospital won't take me, I am definitely taking up the offer at one of the nursing homes. Every day I am not working is a day that I am not making money...I don't have time to spare.
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    I have 3 offers from Sanford...All med-surg: oncology, resource and psych. Any words of wisdom? I am a new grad so this would be my first position.
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    Quote from kuch3
    I have 3 offers from Sanford...All med-surg: oncology, resource and psych. Any words of wisdom? I am a new grad so this would be my first position.
    I would recommend the Oncology unit. A former classmate started at the oncology unit, and she loves it. I also think, that it will give you a far greater experience that you can use, you should want to move to another unit in the future, compared to the psych unit.

    Good luck. I think is awesome you got 3 offers after graduating, not all of us were that lucky when we graduated.
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