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Wow, what a monumental mistake I have made. I threw away a decent job to go back to school. I went back and got by BS in nursing. Now I am a licensed RN BSN with no future. When I went back to school I was told how the hospitals... Read More

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    I agree with Sheronep. I would never advise someone that truly, wholeheartedly wants to be a nurse to look elsewhere. I would, however, advise someone that is interested because they think it promises an instant, secure job to think twice about going to school for nursing.

    Not only is it very hard to find a job in my area (New England), but it's also frustrating to me personally that when I tell people that I can't find a job they look at me like I am insane. To be unemployed as a business major? Well, that's understandable in this ecomony. But everyone KNOWS there's a nursing shortage!!!! The problem MUST be with me!

    My opinion is that the media hype about the shortage has created a great deal more disapointment and anger to new grad nurses than other careers. I could, of course, be completely wrong about that though, since my perspective is that of an unemployed new grad RN. It's very difficult to wrap one's head around being unemployed for so many months when just a few short years ago when we started school signing bonuses were rampant.

    I've certainly been guilty of being very negative about the present situation, but I also know that it doesn't get me anywhere. It's exhausting to be pi$$ed off all the time about the constant rejection, and I truly believe that the negativity will only drive people (and jobs) away. I have a b17ch fest, then calm down, remember why I went to school in the first place, and move on.

    I'm not even going to comment on whether the OP is out of line posting the original message or not. It's a public board, and they are certainly welcome to their opinions. To me it is obvious that they are extremely frustrated, but most of all extremely angry. I only hope that they can channel some of those emotions into productive energy for their job search.

    In the meantime op, whatever small consolation it is, know that you are not alone in being unemployed and frustrated.

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    Quote from ohyeah
    My friends and I just graduated from our BSN program in May. I have a job lined up in an ICU unit. I have two friends going into telemetry in Providence Holy Cross. I have several more friends with jobs lined up in CHLA. I have one in Kaiser West LA. Several more in Northridge Hospital. Also one in Torrance and another in Cedars. A few more just started in the UCLA new grad program.

    However scant and few those jobs may be, they are out there. I'm in Los Angeles where the job market ranks as one of the worst in the entire nation but it IS possible to get a job. Just a level of perseverance, aggressiveness and defiance of the odds are required to find them.

    I looked at your other posts and it looks like you've lost your initial passion for nursing. I do have to ask: Did you go into nursing because of the "mythical" promise of a large paycheck and 3 day work weeks or did you really love it? Also, if you've been doing nothing but nursing for awhile now have you taken a breather, stepped away from it and relaxed? That in itself can refresh you.

    How long have you been searching for a job? Would you agree to work as a CNA in the meantime even to just "get your foot in the door"? Would you work in a LTC/hospice/psych facility? Would you be willing to relocate? Posters are asking these questions and you're not answering them. Just replying with more negativity. Just take that energy and put it into your job search. I swear... there ARE jobs out there.
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    BobKat, I live in Pensacola florida. But I interviewed for jobs in south florida. Look into Fort Lauderdale area, Coral Springs, West palm Beach, and Boca Raton. They are hiring right now, they do accept new grads. They just don't advertise it. Apply anyway to positions, unless of course it specifically says no new grads please.

    Good Luck... and I mean it!
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    Lisa1980, you probably had no problem because you have been a LPN for a number of years. In my opinion, you as a new grad isnt the same of the many of us who are having a hard time finding jobs.
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    orange juice, I see your point. That may be true. Wish every the best in Career hunting!
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    Have any of you ladies who haven't found jobs tried internships/externships during school? I live in Chicago and they are have a hiring freeze however, i particpated in a mentorship/internship at two hospitals and had a job before I even got my license (still waiting for my NCLEX results). It is hard to find jobs in this economy, thats y as in ever other profession, we have to network and market in life, sometimes its who u know.

    Has anyone thought of working in nursing homes? Its hard work but like in my area, its easy for a new grad to get hired quickly. You can usually do a 1-2 years there with home health and be able to apply to hospitals as an experienced RN

    Good Luck!
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    I tried to get an externship but its hard to get them around here. Trying to get an externship is like trying to get a job. The competition is bad.
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    Well are people who cant find jobs looking for jobs outside of hospitals? According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

    However, employment of RNs will not grow at the same rate in every industry. The projected growth rates for RNs in the industries with the highest employment of these workers are:

    Industry Percent
    Offices of physicians 48
    Home health care services 33
    Nursing care facilities 25
    Employment services 24
    Hospitals, public and private 17

    Good luck with everyone in their job searches. Like I keep hearing people say in this economy its WHO you know. Maybe networking would be a good idea.
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    There are jobs out there but they are not the uber awesome jobs everyone wants. You have to settle.

    Most likely you won't get the L&D job you wanted or the ED or even in a hospital at all...

    I had to take a night floor Nurse job at a SNF taking 40-60 pts making crap money, being treated like crap until I could move on. Took me 3 months to find that job but I did it. Glad I did too, taught me what "bad" really was lol.

    The jobs are there but they ain't pretty.
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    As it seems everyone is offering opinons, i'm going to go for it, too I have no job yet (I graduated in May). I know it's only been 2 months, and that's fine. It is discouraging, though, when you are told over and over that you will not only have a job right after graduation but any job you want. I am applying wherever I can that is within an hour drive. Almost every listing in the paper or online says "Experience Required." I even had a "connection" at one hospital, where they immediately shut me down with an e-mail saying there was no way they could hire a new grad. They also added they had not seen it like this in the past 16 years. Pretty hard to start out somewhere when no one will accept the fact that you have no experience.
    So, I understand that the negativity in this post can be discouraging to others, but we all have our days when we feel like we are trying so hard, and are worthy of a job, but no one cares. So, I just want to say, to those of you who have had jobs for years are commenting on how there are jobs but we new grads just aren't looking hard enough, remember that this is the worst the economy has been. Remember that all of us do not live in your area or in your state. I see many of you saying there are jobs here in Cali, or here in FL. Well think about the other states. I understand negativity is not helpful, but what is truly negative is when experienced people make us new grads feel as if we aren't trying, or there's something wrong with us because we don't have a job.

    Just wanted to give my two cents

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