New Grad Nurses struggling to find jobs - CNN Reporter wants to hear from you - page 11 appreciates how difficult the job market can be for new grad nurses. We are working with Annalyn Kurtz, a CNN Money Reporter get info for an article that will highlight this... Read More

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    I graduated from CSUSM with my accelerated BSN in 12/11. It is my 3rd bachelors degree. I also have a BA in psychology and one in sociology from 08'. Even with volunteer nursing experience in Swaziland, Africa during my last semester of nursing school, as well as volunteer work with our pediatric population at Loma Linda University Children's Hospital and fundraising for RAINN, I still can't find a job, let alone get an interview. I've even applied for CNA and patient care assistant positions and can't get an interview for those positions because I'm 'too qualified.' To sum up, I can't get a nursing job, and can't get a health care job...I'm back at home under my parents' roof with nowhere to go.
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    Quote from DoGoodThenGo
    Every new grad nurse wants to work in hospital and truth be told inpatient beds in many areas of this country are decreasing. Between shorter patient stays and the growth of out-patient, ambulatory, and home care, coupled with an almost laser like focus on staffing ratios using such tools as call outs and so forth facilities are becoming very efficient in how they use their professional nursing service.
    Unfortunately, most out-of-hospital jobs want nurses with hospital experience, and many hospitals won't consider a nurse without hospital experience. Starting in LTC or home health often leads to to more jobs in home health or LTC, but not in a hospital.
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    This is odd to me as a Traveler who has worked in many hospitals across the country. I can't even land a permanent job because the hospital says they have no openings, but they hire two to three New Grads instead. Just thought it was getting better for them.

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