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I know there are other topics on here about this- I've read them all. I'm feeling so so depressed lately. I graduated in October 2011 with my BSN and passed my NCLEX in November. I started applying for jobs in August, hoping to... Read More

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    Thank You for the advice guys! Second question - about license? Should I apply for a Texas license now and just swallow up the $$ in case something comes up in Ca (wishful thinking at this point)... Do I wait to get called for an Interview before I apply?

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    A friend of mine who lives in Mass got a job in Arizona. Plenty of jobs in Orlando, FL, Dallas Texas, other cities in Texas.
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    what are the organization or hospitals names in these areas? Im considering moving but know there must be tons of hospitals in these cities.
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    Quote from funnywoman
    A friend of mine who lives in Mass got a job in Arizona. Plenty of jobs in Orlando, FL, Dallas Texas, other cities in Texas.
    This information is so erroneous. I live in the DFW area. New grads are out of work here all over the place. There are over 35 nursing schools in the DFW area churning out new grads approximately every six months. Every new grad job posting averages 300-600 applicants. There are people who graduated a year ago who still have not found work. In particular getting into hospitals is difficult unless you know someone on the inside. New grads are not hired into hospitals here without internships or residencies. Those come twice a year.

    All the major cities in Texas are saturated. You CAN, however, find work in places few want to live - rural (more than 1.5 miles outside of major cities) and along the Texas/Mexico border. Some of those are still offering sign on bonuses and recruiting from overseas. Just heard about a place in Pecos, Texas on this board two days ago.

    But no, Texas is not the mecca for new grad RNs. Sorry. That is a rumor that is finally starting to die. People up and moved here thinking a job would fall in their lap. Now reading about them moving back to where they came from without ever getting a nibble. Be smart. Don't move anywhere without a job offer in writing and firm start date in hand.
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    It is really scary to think that people have to move states away to get a job in nursing, the profession everyone tells us is so secure and in demand. Congrats on getting a job! I am sure now that you are getting experience it will be much easier next time around when you are applying.
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    Congrats on getting a job!!
    For others still looking (myself included), try UAB (magnet) in Birmingham. Birmingham has a cool downtown and a lot to do, actually. Or try east Tennessee. I'm from Knoxville, TN, and it has a nice climate and is near the Smoky mountains/lots of outdoor activities. Try Covenant Health in E Tennessee.
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    I graduated in May of 2011 with an A.D.N. I applied to several positions and finally found a job at a GI office as a triage nurse with no hands on experience. I lasted about 9 months because I couldnít take it working with a mentor who was so negative and complained everyday. She treated everyone so bad in the office. She even cursed at a worker for moving boxes behind her. I had to sit right next to this nurse everyday and it was stressing me out. I felt so much tension sitting next to her everyday. She even got annoyed with me because I told someone in the office that they were doing a great job. She seems to thrive off of a negative atmosphere. I tried to stay positive but dealing with her was so exhausting and I started coming home everyday with a negative attitude. This nurse made me hate my job. I didnít complain to the manager because the negative nurse was friends with her. I was the 5th or 6 nurse to leave the office because of this nurse. I guess thatís why that had an opening. I wish I had stuck it out for at least a year but I couldnít focus on patient care because this nurse had me walking on egg shells everyday. I felt like I was afraid to move with out being criticized for something irrelevant. Iím back at the daunting task of looking for another nursing job. Iím very shy and I have to get to know someone before I can relax and talk around someone,etc. I honestly donít know how I got the GI office because I have really bad interview skills, and Iíve been a homemaker for years for getting into the nurse program. I donít have much on my resume. I had a professional do my resume and I do get interviews but I donít get the job. Iím so depressed and frustrated. Iíve signed up for classes at a community college so that I can apply for BSN program at UIC. Iím having a hard time getting motivated because the opportunities are very scarce for an RN with very little experience.
    Iím married so moving away to another state isnít an option for me. I currently live in Illinois and finding a job out here seems impossible. Iím getting nervous because I feel like Iíve lost the hands on skills I learned during clinical and I will never find a nursing job the longer I am unemployed. Any advice?
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    It now has been a year since your post.How have things been going job wise?
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    Cindy I hope things have changed.There are many hospitals hiring in different areas.
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    I finally have a job.... An amazing job at the best hospital in the state- Northwestern Memorial. However it was my first hospital job and I only got hired at the end of July. It took me 9 months total to find my first job and I applied to every single hospital in Illinois, and then also hospitals in Iowa Indiana and Wisconsin. Awful. Haha but I have a lot to be grateful for now and now I will be "experienced" so I hope I don't ever have to go through that again.

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