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montecarlo64 has 29 years experience as a ASN, BSN, LPN and specializes in ED, Long-term care, MDS, doctor's office.

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  1. Registered Nurse Looking for a new job

    I was an LPN for 17 years before becoming an RN. Most of of my LPN years was in LTC. I found it difficult to find work as an RN in the hospital. I ended up applying and getting an ER position at a rural hospital. I absolutely loved it! The teamwork i...
  2. Career Advice for older nurse

    I need some career advice. I almost 56-years old; and, I have been in the healthcare field all of my adult life: 6 years as CNA, 4 years as medical secretary, 17 years as LPN, and the past 10 years as RN. I have been working in the ED for the past 7 ...
  3. East Central Indiana in ER. 9 years experience as RN (2 years BSN), 17 years as LPN $29/hr base + 10% shift & weekend diff
  4. Education requirements for endorsement?

    Hello All, Does anyone know exactly what are the California education requirements for an endorsement for a CA license? Is it an education level, such as BSN or ASN? Or, are there particular classes in the nursing program curriculum that they ar...
  5. MSN-Ed in 9.5 months!

    I've been looking into that program, too. I do not believe that this degree will qualify to be an educator at a university. I think you have to have a masters degree in education, not just a nursing educator masters. Maybe a doctorate degree will ...
  6. MSN-Ed in 9.5 months!

    I am so very sorry to hear about your mother. Thank you for all your information and good luck to you! Again, congratulations for your accomplishment!
  7. Why do LPNs only make $40K per year?

    I was an LPN for 17 years before getting my RN. My wages have remained flat to minimal increase from LPN to RN. I went from top tier LPN rate to lower tier RN rate. It depends on your state and what you want to do, how old you are, and how much de...
  8. Forgot to sign Mar for a patient and state health saw....

    You might be able to sign it as a "late entry".
  9. MSN-Ed in 9.5 months!

    Congrats! I just finished my BSN at Indiana Wesleyan RN-BSN program. I am thinking about going through the WGU MSN education program. I am also interested in how the competency exams are proctored. And, were you able to do your capstone at your pl...
  10. June 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner!

    Hi neighbor! Do you think you can fit this pedal car in your pick-up truck and give me a lift? I had an accident on my way to work today. Thankfully, I only have some bumps and bruises; but, my car is a total loss. I tried to call in; but, since we a...
  11. Ratios changing in my department

    My hospital has a ratio of 4:1 for acute patients. In the acute zone, we get strokes, stemis, chest pains, syncopes, and other acutely ill patients. Even if a code comes in, there is no one to take over your other patients while attending to the co...
  12. What are patient ratios like for emergency nurses?

    My hospital is acute patients 4:1. ESI level 3,4,5 are 5:1. When I worked in Indiana, the ratio was 3:1, with sometimes 4:1 ratio in non-acute or stable patients. Good luck!
  13. Phoenix Area Experienced RN Salary

    AZ ED ratio 4:1 for higher acuity patients and 5:1 for everything else. I make $33/hr. as ASN (recently completed my BSN) with 4 years ED experience, total of 7 years RN experience and 17 years of LPN experience. Good luck!
  14. Fingerprints rejected

    I am in the process of getting an RN endorsement from AZ. I started the process back in February and I noticed my fingerprints have been rejected and the board is mailing me a rejection packet. I have not received the packet yet, so I am not sure if...
  15. LPN by endorsement in Arizona

    I have been waiting a little over a month for my fingerprint results. Still says 'pending'. I am an RN and have applied for an endorsement from Indiana. I initially mailed my packet in February. It seems to be a long process to become licensed in AZ...