MedStar Georgetown Nurse Residency Program Summer 2018

  1. Hi everyone! I figured I'd get a thread going about MGUH's Nurse Residency for Summer 2018.
    Please post any questions or updates you have!!
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  3. by   jenga333
    has anyone heard back about the results of their battery test??? i'm nervous!!
  4. by   mma0310
    I finished my application about a week ago! Have you heard anything yet?
  5. by   jenga333
    No, but my application status changed and says its under review! In past years it looks like people have heard around Christmas.
  6. by   jerseygirl21
    I have not heard anything back either! I did the battery test and it says my application is currently under review.
  7. by   lindsclare
    I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one waiting for next steps! I'm also waiting for results of the battery test. Best of luck to you all