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I'm about to graduate in May from an AAS program and I feel like I'm hitting a wall where I'm utterly overwhelmed. Most of my classmates are applying for jobs and looking at BSN completion programs... Read More

  1. by   ProperlySeasoned
    I would recommend finishing school, and sitting for the NCLEX as soon as possible. Then take a break. As far as employment, do not discount inpatient psych, especially child and adolescent. Though these units are often located in hospitals, they are night and from a "regular" hospital floor. Seriously, we are talking about vital signs once a day, and a lot of time talking with patients about how to best resolve their current crisis. As an RN, you would be working along side many therapist, so you will find yourself frequently passing meds. Here is the beauty - there are only about 25-50 psych meds that are used. Learn those backwards and forwards and you are golden. I hated most of my clinical rotations in school, and did not have any interest in floor nursing. I did psych for many years right out of school, then moved on to super specialized areas. You will find your niche - you don't have to do med-surg.
  2. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from ROOKIELZ
    Nursing homes also have clients with mental health issues. It may not be your first choice but some time in a facility plus perhaps volunteering with mental health outreach programs may help you attain your goal. Good luck.
    Furthermore, due to the explosion of elderly people with psychiatric issues and behavioral health crises, inpatient geri-psych is a rapidly growing nursing specialty that needs good nurses.
  3. by   djh123
    Give it a shot. I thought about quitting in the first 3 of the 4 semesters of actual (beyond pre-reqs) nursing school. And as others are saying, you don't have to work in a hospital.
  4. by   em3120
    Thanks everyone!! I think the nerves around graduation coming so soon are beginning to get to me. I plan to sit for my boards soon after graduation and I'm currently looking at all the job openings I can find. Gotta keep the hope that something will work out I suppose!
  5. by   SoundofMusic
    I'd say that once you get out there, anxiety can be tough, but what you truly experience more often is just stress -- for a million reasons -- mostly just as you race against the clock trying to get so many tasks done. So, you spend a lot of time working on time management skills -- and it's just something you have to practice -- I always had to tell
    myself -- just keep putting one foot in front of the other. If I had a bad day, I'd just learn from
    it and go back the next day ..... and always try to have a plan .... for the day. If you have a plan, you just work towards trying to stick to it .... anxiety just comes and goes -- and eventually you'll learn who you can work with and before you know it, you'll be having a blast ..... no worries -- you will likely be a great nurse, because you're cautious and you get that it's not a joke -- it's real -- and you'll be super careful and conscientious ... all the hallmarks of a great nurse.
  6. by   RNikkiF
    Ask the NM exactly what she's looking for and reinforce to her that you're drawn to MH nursing. It's normal to feel scared and unsure. A friend and I were just talking yesterday about the fact that facilities and organization consider a nurse experienced at 1 year, but no one is really "experienced " until the 5 year mark. Up until then, you're still a new nurse. Try looking for inpatient MH positions. That's where you'll get your experience, but start by asking the NM exactly what you need to do for her to hire you. Good luck!!
  7. by   CanadianRN2017
    Quote from em3120
    I'm about to graduate in May from an AAS program and I feel like I'm hitting a wall where I'm utterly overwhelmed. Most of my classmates are applying for jobs and looking at BSN completion programs right now. I have been feeling more and more discouraged that maybe nursing wasn't for me.

    I started wanting to become a nurse in high school after experiencing my grandpa becoming very ill. I aspired to be like the nurses who cared for him and I began volunteering as a NICU cuddler. I really wanted to be able to make a difference in someone's life, just like my grandpa's nurses had. Now here I am less than 3 months from graduating and I feel like I maybe made the wrong choice.

    I hate clinicals and dread them. I lack a lot of confidence in my abilities and the anxiety is paralyzing. I don't like the hospital setting at all but my community based clinicals have been ok. I have looked over and over again at the available jobs in my area that aren't in the hospital. The field that I have enjoyed learning the most in school has been mental health but there really aren't any opportunities for new grads in a community based psych setting. I just know I don't want to work in the hospital and that seems to be the only place offering new grad training.

    I suppose I'm just having a crisis moment where I'm realizing how soon graduation is and trying to submit applications to places. I'm 22 and don't have any relevant job experience compared to some of my peers that have been working as CNAs, EMTs, etc.

    Maybe I'm in need of a pep talk that everything is going to work out, but right now I feel like I made the wrong choice going into nursing and I'm not cut out to do this.
    i think your best best is to complete your studies, and may be take a float position in the hospital for different areas to find the one you like the best, Get some needed experience, and then branch out from there. Opertunities are not only at the bedside! Try it and find a niche in your comfort zone and expand your nursing career from there! You seem like a nice lady....You can di it! Just give
  8. by   Gce7607
    I HATED clinical, I was always riddled with anxiety and super awkward. But now that I have been working on the floor, I've gained a lot of confidence in my skills and actually kind of like it. I never thought I would make it this far, but 4 years later here I am!
  9. by   em3120
    Thank you
  10. by   Crystal-Wings
    Come to northern California! The Napa Sate mental hospital is always posting ads for nurses. Not sure how much experience you need though. Even if it says you need a certain amount of experience, apply anyway. I keep seeing the ad so they must be having a hard time getting people to come work there.