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  1. em3120

    Favorite site for CEU's

    What's your favorite site for acquiring CEU's? Everything I'm looking at seems expensive. I'm willing to pay for a membership but I want it to be from a legit website.
  2. Last November I tried to end my own life. In December I was contacted by the Virginia BON that I had been assigned a case number. I'm assuming that somehow my treatment team reported me. I was then in contact with my investigator in January and did an interview. I have been focusing on my mental health and wellbeing ever since. I am finally preparing to return to work later this month. According to the VBON website, my license IS still active but I never heard anything back from the BON. I've attempted calling and was told my case was sent to the BON. This was 9 months ago. What do I do? Am I legally allowed to practice considering my license is still active?
  3. em3120

    Accept this job or wait to hear from other?

    I think I'm going with the new grad position. It seems to be a better fit since I'm transitioning into this role as a new nurse! I kind of wish I could start working sooner but I know I need to focus on passing NCLEX too. Plus I know the additional training can only help me :)
  4. em3120

    Accept this job or wait to hear from other?

    I'm crossing my fingers that they will respond tomorrow but I have doubts that they will so quickly. This is all great advice, thank you!
  5. Hi all, so I'm about to graduate in 2 weeks and I had an interview for a general adult psych RN position on 4/7. HR called me yesterday to offer me the job OR to offer me a position in the new grad psych residency program. Everything is basically the same (pay/benefits/shift) except for the training is longer for the residency program (includes 1 classroom day per week and cross-training in medical psych) and it starts in June instead of May. Of course I'm thrilled! But I have no idea what to choose!! My gut wants to say the new grad program would be a better fit (since I am a new grad haha) but my instructor suggested I jump right in to the RN position. And to make things even harder, I had an interview this morning for a peds psych position and loved it! The HR lady told me to let her know by tomorrow about the general psych position but now I'm feeling like I would rather work peds psych. I'm not sure how long it will take to hear back from today's interview but I also can't leave the other lady waiting. How do you handle multiple job offers or when you are waiting to hear back from a second interview? And would it be wise to choose the residency program instead of the regular RN position?
  6. em3120

    Is Kaplan enough?

    My school required us to purchase Kaplan and complete 120 questions per week on QBANK (I do more). I have been reading the review book and I'm going for the 4 day in person review this week. Is Kaplan enough to prep for NCLEX? I see so many people talking about UWORLD and I really don't want to shell out the extra money if Kaplan is enough. I graduate in early May and want to take the NCLEX towards the end of the month. Thoughts?
  7. I received this question as part of a "mock interview' at my school and I think I flubbed my answer. I'm now thinking maybe they wanted me to discuss the push for BSN? I was talking about being professional in how/what you say, regardless of whether you think a patient/visitor can hear you (just something I noticed in clinical when a few nurses have been mocking patients at the nurses' station). What would you say for this question?
  8. em3120

    Second year nursing student not sure if good enough?

    This is me right now 100%! I'm graduating in May from a 2 year program and I feel too dumb to be ready to go out as a real nurse. I think it's normal! I've been told that so much of your learning actually happens AFTER you school when you begin working. I forget the little things too and I think it's partially anxiety in the moment and I end up freezing. It's going to get better!
  9. em3120

    Maybe nursing wasn't for me?

    Thank you :)
  10. em3120

    Are you about to graduate?

    100% me too. Graduation is May 5th and I feel like I could give up now
  11. em3120

    Just started clinicals

    Yes 100%! The best advice I have for you is to JUMP IN. It's scary but take all the opportunities you can to practice your skills and observe everything you can. Really the only thing you can do is bite the bullet and things will get easier.
  12. em3120

    What are clinicals really like?

    I'm sure it will vary on your program but for mine: 1) Anywhere from 1-3 days per week, usually 2 for me. Each clinical lasts either 6, 8, or 12 hours. I truly depends on the location and how they schedule you. I might have 2 days in a week where I go to clinicals for 8 hours each and then the next week I might have just 1 day but for 12 hours. We also have simulation labs scattered throughout the semester where we are in the campus virtual hospital for 3-6 hours at a time. Your program could be completely different though. 2) Definitely no. You do what your instructor/assigned nurse tells you to do. And this includes cleaning up people and you're really not going to be able to avoid that one... 3) We get one 30 minute lunch break if we work 6 or more hours. Sometimes we can sit for 5 minutes with some water if there is a calm moment but I wouldn't expect it. We do some sitting when we are charting or looking at the computer medical records. Do you have some sort of doctor's note?
  13. em3120

    Maybe nursing wasn't for me?

    Thanks everyone!! I think the nerves around graduation coming so soon are beginning to get to me. I plan to sit for my boards soon after graduation and I'm currently looking at all the job openings I can find. Gotta keep the hope that something will work out I suppose!
  14. em3120

    Maybe nursing wasn't for me?

    Thanks! Congrats btw :) I'm honestly really relieved to hear that other people did not enjoy floor nursing. I feel quite alone in comparison to my peers! It also doesn't help that clinical experiences in school are so heavily focused on med-surg. I feel like I do have an interest in the community mental health setting but it seems like there aren't jobs available for new grads.
  15. em3120

    Maybe nursing wasn't for me?

    If you don't mind me asking, how did you gain the experience you needed to work in a non-hospital setting? I'm running into the dilemma that most of these types of positions are wanting experienced nurses (I'm assuming because you have more independence and responsibility). The 2 local hospitals both hire new grads but it's for a med-surg program that I would absolutely loathe. I'm hoping that maybe I just haven't found a good fit for me yet
  16. em3120

    Maybe nursing wasn't for me?

    Thank you for this. Lack of confidence is really hurting me unfortunately. Yes I looked into a mental health services board that serves out in the community after enjoying a clinical day there. I actually spoke to the nurse manager and she told me they won't hire new grads