In-House Transfer and Retaliation

  1. 0 Several months ago I tried to transfer out of med-surg into a new unit, since I've been so miserable at my current unit and with the nursing culture there. I was offered the position in the new unit, went to HR, and took the transfer form to my manager, who refused to sign it!!! The unit is definitely understaffed, but she was incredibly cold and sarcastic, and kept trying to find faults on my record to hold me back. I think that if this transfer ultimately doesn't go through, I can't continue to work at my current unit. I feel the retaliation and coldness from the management there (and many of the older nurses there). What can you do when your unit refuses to let you transfer?? What can you do if they set you up to fail so there will be new marks on your record that stand in the way of a transfer? Please help. I didn't know it would be so hard to get out!
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    I'd trot right back to HR and let them know what's going on.
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    HR probably won't take kindly to that kind of obstructionism.
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    HR does not like the word retaliate. They are scared of it and will likely pay very close attention if you choose to use this word, which sounds like it may be a good idea in your situation. Could the director from the new dept where you were offered the job advocate for you? A lot of times that is what it takes. Good luck and keep us posted.
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