I passed ncleX

  1. Thank you to each and everyone of you for your support. It was hell waiting for the results to come. If you are preparing to take the NCLEX, my advice is to have faith in yourself, you CAN do it. Know the basics on procedures (reread fundamental text stuff) and you must know normals (make flashcards). Practice, practice, practice questions. I did that over and over for weeks prior to NCLEX. I took Kaplan online, also. FYI, i only had about 10 delegation questions, one cranial nerve, one med, no calculations, a few on newborn, infant, toddler normals, who do you see first in a disaster, a few psych, good luck to each and every one of you. Please PM if you want prayers said on your behalf for clairty, wisdom, and faith to pass. Remember YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!
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    Congratulations!!!!! I'm glad your wait is over, now you can celebrate.
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    Great job!!! Now the fun begins!
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    now, can you send all your passing energy in my direction? i took it on the 10th, but we probably won't know our results until the 17th. i am so nervous! *fingers, toes, eyes, arms, legs and anything else that can be crossed* *lol*
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    YAY!!! :hatparty: SO glad to hear that you passed.
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    Congrads :hatparty:
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    So glad to hear you passed!!!
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    WHOOOOOOOOOOOT !!! Congrats Ms. R.N. :hatparty:
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    Congratulations on your success!!
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    Congratulations!! :hatparty: