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Feeling a little discouraged..over 2 months since graduation, I passed NCLEX on my first attempt with 75 job yet :confused:... Read More

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    I graduated in May 2011 and didn't get hired til December. So it took me 7 months and I feel like I was trying very hard. It ended up that I got a job where I knew someone who knew someone...sometimes that's the only way to get a job. There are just too many people applying. If you can get an interview based on even some distant connection, you may be able to get that job. It just takes some time. Good luck!

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    I've been looking for a job since April 2011. I graduated in June, passed NCLEX July 2011, just got hired! I applied at so many places, every hospital residency I could find. I ended up in a great local clinic where I think I will be very happy. Not what I planned on doing but I am so grateful for a job!
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    I graduated in May 2011 and passed the boards in June. I searched high and low for jobs in my state and eventually moved to a new state and still nothing! I have now applied for 127 jobs in four different states. I've only had one interview so far!

    I try not to get discouraged, but when I think about the fact that I am just one of the hundreds of Nurses on this board with the same sob story, I just want to cry!!!

    I just with I could figure out what I was doing wrong.
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    Hang in there! I graduated in May 2011, took the NCLEX in July 2011 and got a job in October 2011. I was one of the lucky ones. Most of my classmates are just landing jobs and it's almost a year since we've graduated. Dont give up! It took a lot of people at least 8 months after passing the NCLEX to get a job. Unfortunately, it depends on the area in which you are searching. I live in the New York City area so it's tough here. Good luck!
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    Graduated May 2011, passed the boards in June 2011, got hired in September 2011. It definately was not easy. I was able to get an interview by writing an email to the nurse supervisor on the ward that I had preceptored on before graduating. She then passed on my resume to the manager and I was able to get an interview. Tough job market right now, it's all about networking and who you know, seems like that's the only way to get a job these days...
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    Took my NCLEX in June 2011; got my first job on a Neuro/Cardiac Tele unit in August 2011. I had worked for a year as a CNA in FL, but moved to CA after my husband and I got married, so I had job offers in FL that I had to turn down. The job I got in August I am now leaving because its a hefty commute for a position closer to home, that's union, with better pay and benefits. Things will come up, just hunker down and keep trying.
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    I graduated in August and got two job offers in October.
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    Graduated February 2012, took the nclex-rn March 6, licensed March 8 and got a job March 13 (4 business days after I received my license).

    I did not have a job all throughout nursing school. I was not employed by any hospital at the time of graduation.
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    It took me 10 months, after graduating with my ADN-RN, in Philadelphia.
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    I graduated in May 2011, passed the NCLEX in June 2011, and then promptly moved to another state to facilitate my love of skiing. I was hired February 2012, and it was an uphill battle.

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