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Hey ya'll! I'm a new grad, recently graduated this semester and I was wondering if I should apply to this position. It's an internship/ GN position for Med-surg, but the problem is that it's like... Read More

  1. by   WanderingSagehen
    Any interview experience will be beneficial. Do the interview and tell yourself the drive is ok. You can decide later if its not appropriate. You may love the job and the internship is a wonderful opportunity. I see a lot of people limit themselves, myself included, to a specific region. There are doors of opportunity everywhere but many new grads miss them. Interview, interview, interview.....
  2. by   UTVOL3
    45ish for the job I just accepted. It's not ideal, but do-able. I'd love to walk/bike to work.
  3. by   macgirl
    I live an Hour away from my job. The way I see it I can either move closer (it will cost money) or do it until I can find a job closer.
  4. by   MsMolly💋LPN
    Quote from Creamsoda
    You drive LESS than a mile? Why dont you walk? Bike? Just curious
    This made me giggle.
  5. by   MsMolly💋LPN
    Doing Homecare is sweet because you can find cases 10 minutes away! But being that I'll be changing my job in a few weeks, its a 35 minute drive. I'm not really looking forward to it because I'll have to adjust to driving at night. (11-7) I think I'll probably be doing a few test runs. Its nice to see the average time here on this thread is 30 mins or more though. I won't complain anymore.
  6. by   prettymica
    Travel home health and hospice nurse so sometimes also with school 1000 miles a week just depends on where they send me
  7. by   MarlynneRN
    i actually resigned from my first nursing job straight out graduation - i was only there for 2 months - because the commute was just horrible. it was 48 miles away from where i lived, and the commute to and from the hospital for night shift just coincided with rush hour traffic. what should be taking 1 hr to drive was taking me almost 2-3 hrs sometimes. i couldn't handle it. had to quit, and i'm now looking for another position that is much closer to home.
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  8. by   not.done.yet
    In this part of the country (DFW), you can't get anywhere in less than 20 minutes. 45 minutes is a reasonable commute and about average.

    I was fortunate to find a position about 20 minutes from home.
  9. by   michigansapphire
    I drive 35 minutes one-way to work - I'm in rural NY so there's never any traffic to deal with. However, I have to leave home 60 minutes before my shift starts to allow enough time for parking in the remote lot, catching the shuttle to the hospital, grabbing breakfast at work (I CANNOT eat right after I get up), going to the bathroom, and putting my stuff in order in the locker room so I can be walking up to relieve the night nurse exactly at 0700.
  10. by   Love78
    I'm a new LPN and just took a job 40 miles from my home. It takes me about 1 hr to get to work and back. Being a new nurse is hard to find a job so I won't complain..I'm just happy I got a job.
  11. by   macgirl
    Update, I got a cheap 2 bedroom near work. It $300 a month, and with my roommate it's 150 a piece, as it turns out many of my coworkers drive 30 mins if there close and up to 1 1/2 hrs if there far away. My roommate is also an hour way from the opposite direction. We just stay there 2 days a week between our 3 days.
  12. by   GoosbyLPN
    I live in Atlanta trying to get a job in Alabama so that will be a 1 1/2 drive for me just trying to get experience
  13. by   KimberlyRN89
    I drive about 40 minutes to get to my job. I'm about to finish a LPN-BSN program so I'm applying everywhere in the country lol.. My area ( DC metro ) is heavily saturated with nurses.