How can I know when a New Grad Program opens?

  1. 0 I heard that you have to be in the list as soon as you can, otherwise, if you apply after... the chance of rejection is pretty high!!!
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    whatever program you're looking at should list the dates they accept applications on their website. most programs i know of are already in the interview process for the january starts, applications were accepted in september.
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    I understand that... but how do u know when each hospital has one? do u have to check one by one????
    There are so many hospital in California... any shortcut? :-)
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    Keep checking the websites.

    I think Sharp and Kaiser have just opened up for new grad applications. The problem is that the application windows are usually pretty narrow, usually just a couple of weeks.
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    Check the hospital websites you're interested in EVERY DAY. I applied for new grad programs and my top hospital only had the applications up for one week online, so I had to be persistent in my checking or else I would have missed it.
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    I check all hospital websites in my area q. day and I check on and for hospitals that I could possibly relocate to. Unfortunately many of us are either having to relocate or drive a long commute to get in a new grad program-at least that is my experience in DFW texas! Good Luck and be persistant!
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    Yep, you have to check each one individually every single day. Good luck.
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    I've been checking every day and calling nurse recruiters.
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    is kaiser officially open for new grads or are they still just accepting apps for future employment?
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    Quote from missE
    is kaiser officially open for new grads or are they still just accepting apps for future employment?
    I don't know: I'm not a new grad so I wasn't specifically looking for programs--I just happened to come across their new grad posting a few days ago. I'd check with the Kaiser website for the latest info.

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