Hang in there new Grads and New Nurses it does get better..I PROMISE - page 2

So I haven't been on this board for a while. I have been an R.N. for 1 1/2 years now, where I started as a brand spanking new grad in Interventional Cardiology/CCU Stepdown/Critical Care..woohoo although I would have not said... Read More

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    Hey, I am a new grad and newly registered RN .

    This is a wonderful story Morettia2. Thanks for sharing us your story coz for us, newbies, your stories are our inspiration. Cheers to you and all the great nurses out there .
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    Great words of encouragement! I can't wait until I can say I don't feel like I'm drowning. I've been off orientation for about 2 months now, I just want to make it to the 6 month mark without having a nervous breakdown!
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    hey fellow nurses..just wanted to say hi and being a new nurse is frustrating but what ever you do, DO NOT GIVE UP. You will have sleepless nights, I still do ALL THE TIME. YOu will have those, AHHH HAAA moments, and you will also have those, ERRR GRRRRR moments. But learn from any and everything you do and ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS. We became nurses for a reason, and please don't let the struggles of being a new nurse make you second guess why we chose this profession, like with any new job, it's hard at first (nursing espically), but you will get it, and it make take TIME but time is on you side. Remember your patients are always your first priority, take care of them and take care of yourselves. If I could do it and the generations of nurses before us could do it, you can do it too!

    Happy New Year New Nurses....and if you are feeling really bad just message me. That's what we are all here for, support, and to know that we arn't alone in the struggels of NEW NURSING.
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    That was a very inspiring post.
    I'm a new nurse too, undergoing some hardships. I do love being a nurse but it's a tough job; thanks for your encouragement.
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    Yay! This deserves to be stickied!
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    Your story is truly inspiring, Thanks. I am a new grad on a progressive care unit, been on my own for a little over 3 months. I am very lucky to have a supportive group of experienced nurses to turn to, can't imagine I would make it if I had been in your shoes.
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    Thank you! I am still in orientation and can really use your experiences to motivate me everyday, especially when I start on my own. I am glad you finally stick up for yourself. I am already starting to do that lol because I believe new nurses are common for any unit or facility and it isn't like they don't know how hard it is for us. I always tell people to slow down when giving report on the phone, ask doctors to repeat telephone orders and spell their names for me, and I always find someone to ask a question to even if I should know it. I know the next year will be a rollercoaster but nurses like you really encourage me. Thank you!
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    Great thread. Very inspiring. You are very passionate about what you do and I wish more nurses new and old represented that. Thx.
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    THANK you for the inspiration. I am a new grad, newly pinned, and newly passed the NCLEX from the fall semester..

    :typing Still applying and looking for the perfect job. I'm sooo into L&D and that's where I did my externship in my last semester of nursing school. I'm waiting on a job to be available because I :heartbeat L&D sooo much. I am crossing my fingers hoping I can wow them in an interview so they would take me in!!
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    thanks excellent post and words of encouragement
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