Got "nurse face"?  How'd you get it? Got "nurse face"? How'd you get it? - pg.4 | allnurses

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Got "nurse face"? How'd you get it? - page 4

"Nurse face" = the calm, collected expression that a nurse wears I am a BSN, graduated Sept, no job yet (but looking hard), 2 years experience in LTC, and right now doing temporary... Read More

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    I was reprimanded for seeming like I 'didn't care'. after over 20 years in this business in varying roles, I know this had to do with 'nurse face' because my superior described that as the problem. Be an actress. This is what i was told. My friends tell me that I have shown great caring throughout my life, by my actions, and the comfort i've given them in words. Be yourself. I am not a perky person, but from nursing school 20 yrs ago, to the present I have been asked to pound a square peg in a round hole. I took some of my superior's specific advice, but not the mandate to change my personality.
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    Quote from TheCommuter
    I already have a restricted affect and have difficulty showing or feeling emotions at any given point in time, so the 'nurse face' came easily to me. Some of my former and present coworkers have commented that I look "so calm."

    Don't bark at me when I admit this, people. . . . .but I also have some difficulty with empathy. So when a patient is grimacing with extreme pain and rates it a 10/10, I'll quickly intervene without experiencing the range of emotions or achieving the depth of feeling that other caregivers seem to feel.

    So, my 'nurse face' is partly due to being emotionally detached.
    Being a star trek fan, sounds like you are describing a Vulcan thats what a nurse face is
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    Quote from man-nurse2b

    Being a star trek fan, sounds like you are describing a Vulcan thats what a nurse face is
    Guess I am a fellow Vulcan as well...glad to be in great company!