Can't stop dreaming about work...when will it end??

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    This is really driving me crazy! I keep dreaming about work ever since I started orientation 5 weeks ago. I don't think I'm getting a restful sleep because of it either. Last night was my first night shift and after I fell asleep around 1000, I woke up at 1330 with my heart just pounding and I was looking around the room in a frantic state for a couple seconds...I had been dreaming that I forgot to put on a patient's bed alarm and I heard a bone crunching THUMP and someone screaming bloody murder...and THAT'S when I woke up! Scared the crap outta me!
    Just wondering if this happens to most new nurses and how long it takes to get a nice peaceful sleep again without the sandman sprinkling thoughts of work in your head.
    I don't think I have slept for more than 4 hours without waking up thinking I'm hearing IV pumps beeping, alarms, my work phone ringing in my pocket etc for the last 5 weeks.
    I. Am. Exhausted.

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    Ahhh, the new nurse stress dream! I had those for a long time. Mine was always that I had 7 patients, And they were in a grocery store, like one in the bakery, one in the produce aisle etc. It was always 2 hours into my shift and I hadn't actually assessed anyone, or done anything, I was just wandering around the Safeway while my coworkers asked me whether I had finished such and such a task. It's stressful alright, but I stopped having them after about 6 months
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    I had those nightmares for several months. I still dream about being at work sometimes. Now it's usually having dragons as patients and my coworkers are unicorns and leprechauns (I have incredibly weird and vivid dreams). Anyhow.. I always hated dreaming about being at work especially when it was during my working days in a row. Sometimes the only break from work I'd get was my drive home (which was usually spent in worry of what I forgot to do).

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    Well that's comforting to hear I'm not alone in the "weird" dream category! Back in school during my OB rotation, I had a dream that a lady was in labor and instead of a human baby, she gave birth to 3 kittens! She said she couldn't figure out why she had kittens since her partner was a Tyrannosaurus Rex! Haha!
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    I've been a nurse since 1989 and I still sometimes wake up exhausted from "working" all night! Often I am pushing a medcart down a nearby country road or major highway looking for a group of patients that I was supposed to admin meds to hours earlier and can't find.Or I am running through the halls of the local hospital pushing an empty stretcher and I'm desperate to find a patient that MUST be transported to a study STAT and ALL of the rooms are empty,it's night time and no one is around. Or I am unable to code myself out of the secure LTC faciility and I realize I am naked but for a hospital gown and I have a security bracelet on my ankle. Sometimes (after a spicy dinner) I dream the walking dead are attacking the facility. That's a really,really scary one.
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    I had those stress dreams too! Mostly vague dreams of feelings of chaos and impeding doom, and not being able to think in a dangerous situation. I have gotten into British TV dramas and now I dream about them!
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    I've been in nursing for 4 years now and I still occasionally dream about work. Usually it involves getting to the end of my shift and not having done a single meds, assessments...nothing! Talk about panic! I woke up from a dead sleep one time because my phone was ringing and I looked at the clock, it said 10:00 and I just knew it was work calling to ask why I late for my shift. It was 10am, not 10pm! I work 7p-7a I finally quit hearing call bells in my sleep after about 6 months.
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    I dream about work all the time. Im glad to know Im not the only crazy one. It went away after about five months, but our unit has been so hectic and stressful lately the nightmares are back. The other night I actually got out of bed when I thought I heard a vent alarm.
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    I've been a nurse for six and a half years and I still have work dreams. Last night, for example, I dreamed that I was back in nursing school, on my peds rotation and my teenage patient withdrew care and died. Then for some reason I did have to go to work, so maybe I wasn't in school?

    Last week I dreamed that a patient on my floor gave birth to quadruplets and one had an exposed brain but all four were already bottle trained. (I work adult medicine - don't know nothing 'bout birthin' no babies!) My charge nurse told me "oh well, they're our patients now."

    I don't have the stressed out, heart-pounding ones anymore though - like the "it's the end of the shift and I realized I haven't seen one of my patients yet" dream. Although I still dream that I get terrible assignments. But that should be no shock considering the assignments I get most of the time, haha.
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    Quote from julz68
    She said she couldn't figure out why she had kittens since her partner was a Tyrannosaurus Rex! Haha!
    The oldest excuse in the book. Clearly she was cheating on Mr. T Rex!

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