Can a new grad RN apply for part time jobs?

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm a newly licensed RN and eager to start my career. Unfortunately no one wants to hire a new grad with Associates Degree and no prior experience...especially in NY. I'm applying everywhere within 50-60 miles from my zip but nothing is fruitful. It's difficult to get experience if no one wants to give you a chance. Everyone started somewhere and I too need a chance to start somewhere.

    Would it be advisable for me to apply for a part time or per diem position if full time jobs are not offered to new grads? All I want is to start working as an RN in any specialty.

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    If you dont need health insurance and all the other benefits, then I don't see why not. Working to get experience is the goal, and then maybe after a few months you will find a full time job. Best of luck.
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    Same here, i am from New York City, and i am applying for any kind of RN job: hospitals,home care,Nursing home, School nurse., Part time/full time/temporal/. I hope we get something to get the 1yr experience.
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    Yes its ok to do that. Alot of the time most jobs that say part time or prn are not really truly that in the way of hours. They want to make sure that you know you will only get part time benefits or no benefits. However make sure in the interview process you find out what the hours would be like. Even though orientation is most likely full time, If the hours are truly prn/part time it would be difficult for a new grad to work through the learning curve of the first year or nursing on just prn/ or very part time hours.

    I wish you luck! Apply for ANYTHING. Starting somewhere will lead to other opportunities. I know this for a fact because I am still in my first year.
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    Thank you all for the comments. I'll certainly start looking more into PT & PD positions. My only question about going PT/PD is would the hospital/facility pair you up with a preceptor like they do for FT positions. I am a little nervous about getting thrown onto the floor without a preceptor since it will be my first job on the floor. What other downsides are there when you take up part time positions...besides losing health insurance and other benefitss?
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    Any floor you go on, they should be training you. If you are thrown on the floor without some training you may want to rethink that facility. To be sure ask the person who is interviewing you, how long your preceptor will be training you.

    The down side to working per diem/ part time is that you may be cancelled because of low patient acuity. Some part time positions will offer you benefits if you work a certain number of hours every two weeks. Some will not. You may find that they call you often to come in and cover shifts, it all depends on the place. HAPPY JOB HUNTING. GOOD LUCK..
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    Any new job should be giving you some type of training. If they do not, I would really reconsider that certain work location. I would ask the person who is interviewing you how long you will have a preceptor, and what is expected of you after you have completed the training.

    The down fall to part time or per diem is that you may be cancelled due to low patient census, and some places will not give you benefits. Some places may offer benefits if you agree to work a certain amount of hrs. You also may have the extreme where you are called in often to work shifts, and then on the other hand you may not. Best wishes with the job huntinh. GOOD LUCK.
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    My job is technically part time. New grads orient at full time though at my facility and after that the census for my unit starts picking up for fall/winter and I will be able to work OT. When summer comes and I am back to part time (which honestly for me is great for summer) I will have the option to pick up shifts to get full time hours. I told my boss though when it's my turn and a full time position opens up in the unit I do want to take it. The Benis are cheaper for full time and the Tuition Reimbursement for my RN-BSN is more.
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    I'm in California and have been applying for the last 7 months...everywhere, hospitals, nursing homes, per diem anything. But not getting any response. Any help??? or tips???
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    I'm glad this post was already started. I'm a new grad and I want to work part-time for my first job.

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