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This is a nice dilemma to be in but right now it is stressing me out! I have worked for a year in a corrections facility and I really enjoy it very much. No full time position was available as I... Read More

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    Very true I'm sure! This is a lot to mull over... I'm older than the average new RN so I really don't want to rush into anything without thoroughly considering all the major things...
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    Sometimes there are no mistakes to be made and there are NO right or wrong choices. Sometimes we have multiple equally reasonable good options. Follow your passion and your interests.

    Congratulations and good luck with whichever you choose.
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    Yes, often that's true...unfortunately where I live is so rural that everyone knows (or is related to) everyone else so moves have to be made as to not make waves...
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    Isn't it great to have options? What exactly do you do in corrections now?

    Regarding bridge-burning, as long as you have done well in your corrections job thus far, I can't imagine that you'd be leaving on bad terms. Do your best to keep in contact with some of those people; leave a door open, if you will. My opinion is that your corrections' experience will be beneficial on the floors. You must possess some great communication skills, and have the ability to handle difficult situations --> Med Surg should be a breeze!!
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    Quote from dalgal
    Yes, often that's true...unfortunately where I live is so rural that everyone knows (or is related to) everyone else so moves have to be made as to not make waves...
    Whether it's rural or not is not an issue. Everybody knowing everybody is not really an issue. Make your choices and be gracious. Whether you leave corrections or decline a med surg offer, thank the supervisor for the opportunity, and tell them that at this time you have have considered all the options available to you and that at this time you have to leave or decline the offer. If you want to mention that the path you're taking seems a better fit for you or will further develop your skill set or will help you meet your career goals, you can.

    Do your best work, be gracious, then stand back and let other people own their own responses or feelings. Don't embrace fear and worry and trepidation about how other folks will respond. If they are reasonable people they will be glad to see you do what's best for you. If they are unreasonable, then nothing will please them. Some people would complain if you hung them with a new rope. You can't cater to other people's ideas about YOUR life and career. You have to do what's right for you.
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    I would take the Med Surg job. You can easily explain to your corrections people that you would like to gain acute care experience, and then possibly return. No bridges burnt at all....they will understand. Problem with working in Correction first is that you may never get another opportunity to get your foot in the door for hospital work. I have a friend who had a ton of SNF and corrections experience. about 5 years, and no hospital will look at her. It's sad, but true.
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    Take the med-surg. It will consolidate your basic skills.
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    Stay in corrections especially if you like your job there. You have no guarantee that you will like Med-Surg and it can be a tough place to work. If possible why not stay where you are and pick up some PRN time at the hospital? Rather than leaping without actually knowing what you are getting into, you will have some idea of what life on Med-Surg is about. Best of luck to you whatever your choice!!
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    I feel like dialysis likes people who have acute care experience since acute thing can happen, so med-surg might better fit that goal.
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    If you love corrections, what's wrong with staying there? Just because "some people" think you need to start out in med-surg doesn't need that nurses do, or that you do. In corrections you develop people skills, management skills, time management, and see all the chronic conditions you want! Your assessment skills have to be top-notch, no?

    Ah, to be stuck between two good choices. Don't feel guilty if you choose corrections. Turning down a job offer is not burning a bridge, especially now when there are so many applicants.
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