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  1. Ruthfarmer

    Hospital CEO Salaries: Are The Big Bucks Justified?

    VERY well said.
  2. Ruthfarmer

    Hospital CEO Salaries: Are The Big Bucks Justified?

    Yes, a CEO in a private hospital answers to a board of directors--- who are generally only interested in profit margins and dividends to be paid to stock holders. Private enterprises are in the business to make a profit. Which perfectly explains why governmental regulation is necessary to insure that businesses are conducted in such as way as to provide the services they are paid to provide and that they do it in ways that are fair and safe. My local DMV is pretty efficient. There's nothing I can see corrupt there. Some DMV locations may be less efficient than others, but that's more than likely due to layoffs that have created staffing problems. A short-staffed office with fewer people working fewer hours are not going to provide the same level of service as a fully staffed office can. As long as corporations are not paying their fair share of taxes, there will be no way to fund agencies to the level that they can all provide adquate staffing to meet our expectations As to the Post Office, it is completely self-funded. In 2006, Congress passed a law that requires the Post Office to pre-fund 80% of its projected retirement benefits well in advance. A portion of these benefits are for employees who haven't been hired yet. This is a burden that no other federal agency or even a Wall Street corporation is required to bear. This was strategically planned in order to create a budgetary crisis to cripple and then dismantle the post office. These would leave citizens at the mercy of private delivery services, with fewer choices for services that are already more expensive than the post office. As to the "over budget military," the congress determines the federal budget. As long as greed and warmongering set the tone for policy, way too much money will be spent on military spending. As I answer the points of your post, it occurs to me that you are buying into the FUD hype. Fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Certain mass media outlets serve no other purpose than to repeat key talking points solely intended to generate fear, uncertainty, and doubt. They seek to influence people to vote against their own best interests. In order to do so, they seek to make people resent government. Personally, I like having clean water to drink, and safe foods to eat. I like having decent roads, highways, bridges, water systems and other forms of infrastructure. Just like public education and fire/police service, I think health care should be available to everyone. These are the sorts of things government should provide. [h=3][/h]
  3. Ruthfarmer

    "Loosing" my license

    Healthy respect is appropriate. Fear is not.
  4. Ruthfarmer

    Obamacare, what could go wrong?

  5. Ruthfarmer

    Hospital CEO Salaries: Are The Big Bucks Justified?

    Bull Corn. Having a wealthy class that controls a government is the definition of plutocracy. Generally speaking, those in power look out for only their own. THAT is class warfare. Questioning the legitimacy of plutocratic decisions is absolutely NOT class warfare. It is a mechanism for survival. Whether the "plutocracy" is running a government or a corporation, unreasonable or outrageous decisions must be questioned. Many plutocratic decisions are, in and of themselves, actions of class warfare.
  6. Ruthfarmer

    Hospital CEO Salaries: Are The Big Bucks Justified?

    Very well said!
  7. Ruthfarmer

    Hospital CEO Salaries: Are The Big Bucks Justified?

    There are many components to the big picture. Working dangerously short staffed creates life and limb threatening situations. When worse case scenarios occur, they can be disasterous for patients and their families. Let's just set the issue of needless human suffering aside. The financial cost to defend, litigate, and attempt to make these situations right is tremendous. These costs have to be met regardless of whether or not patients are paying their bills. In fact, if there are damages and a breach in the standard of care is evident, then the hospital is going to eat the cost of care any way. My point is that no unit should be short staffed "due to the budget," if the budget provides for excessive and unreasonable compensation for the executives.
  8. Ruthfarmer

    Hospital CEO Salaries: Are The Big Bucks Justified?

    Bull Corn. Executives are not doing the work in each of these areas. They have a full complement of staff handling the day to day details. There's nothing magical or mystical about the work executives do. I can promise you that there is NOT one single thing they do that I will "never be able to understand." If there is one thing they attend to that is greater than I would ever be able to understand, then I am not fit for or capable to be a registered nurse. That is simply ridiculous. Taking simple situations and making them complex is not a skill to be admired. It is inefficiency and self-aggrandizing. For example, very bad things happen when units are sorely short staffed. Conducting a study, creating a safety campaign, holding pointless committee meetings, and haranguing staff will not help. Having enough staff to do the work will solve the problem. Cutting excessive CEO pay and bonuses and using that money to fund safe and adequate staff numbers is a simple solution.
  9. Ruthfarmer

    Is night shift intolerance worth the $$ and Bennies??

    You may not live to work the 25 years. Leave the night shift pronto!
  10. Ruthfarmer

    Stupid things that nurses say

    In the midst of an unpleasant procedure, I heard myself say, "This will feel so good when it quits hurting." The patient half chuckled, then roared, "I sure as hell hope so!"
  11. Ruthfarmer

    Am I making a mistake not taking MedSurg position?

    Whether it's rural or not is not an issue. Everybody knowing everybody is not really an issue. Make your choices and be gracious. Whether you leave corrections or decline a med surg offer, thank the supervisor for the opportunity, and tell them that at this time you have have considered all the options available to you and that at this time you have to leave or decline the offer. If you want to mention that the path you're taking seems a better fit for you or will further develop your skill set or will help you meet your career goals, you can. Do your best work, be gracious, then stand back and let other people own their own responses or feelings. Don't embrace fear and worry and trepidation about how other folks will respond. If they are reasonable people they will be glad to see you do what's best for you. If they are unreasonable, then nothing will please them. Some people would complain if you hung them with a new rope. You can't cater to other people's ideas about YOUR life and career. You have to do what's right for you.
  12. Ruthfarmer

    Chronically late patients...

    Offices are frequently overbooked, and sometimes patients have extended waits time and time again. Patients can feel that their time is important, too and they can become frustrated. I don't know if that's the case with your clinic. I do think that if the clinic goes with a policy to reschedule when the patient is 15 minutes late and to charge a $25 fee, then the clinic needs to extend some sort of courtesy or concession to the patients. If for whatever reason, the doctor is running 20 minutes or more behind, then the receptionist should notify the patients in the waiting room of the lengthy delay and afford them the option to reschedule. Years ago, when my former spouse was undergoing chemo at his doctor's office, he had to be fasting before the blood work which was done prior to the office visit. We had a long commute to town for the blood work and visit, and some other logistical considerations that did not allow us to get a bite to eat between the blood work and the office visit. A terrible routine developed where the doctor was running behind an hour and half or more at each visit. I was concerned not only for my spouse, but also for some other patients who appeared more frail and weak. I wrote a letter to the doctor outlining my concerns about the discomfort caused by the overbooking delays. The doctor called me and told me that from now on they would honor our appointment time and would not overbook. The doctor also opted to notify patients upon arrival that there would be a lengthy delay due to some emergent situation. Patients were afforded the opportunity to leave and get a bite to eat and return in an hour or so, or to reschedule. Hurling a zinger or scathing comment will not engender good will or a pleasant interaction. It could bring down some mojo you'd rather not experience.
  13. Ruthfarmer

    Am I making a mistake not taking MedSurg position?

    Sometimes there are no mistakes to be made and there are NO right or wrong choices. Sometimes we have multiple equally reasonable good options. Follow your passion and your interests. Congratulations and good luck with whichever you choose.
  14. Ruthfarmer

    How can I gracefully and tactfully say No?

    And what's wrong with that? (said while wiping boiled crawfjsh fat from my chin.). Cajuns here play fiddle and accordion more than banjo.
  15. Ruthfarmer

    How can I gracefully and tactfully say No?

    Please understand that it was not my intention to call you anything. I'm quite idealistic and optimistic myself. It's easy to find yourself disappointed and to find yourself with the short and dirty end of the stick when others aren't playing by the same "rules."
  16. Ruthfarmer

    How can I gracefully and tactfully say No?

    Naive and idealistic. There are an awful lot of unethical, illegal, an unconscionable things that occur in education, health care, and other areas of endeavor. This is why some areas of endeavor should NOT be operated on a for profit basis. When abuses and wrongdoing occur in some fields, some people can be egregiously hurt.

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