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Just finished my last 12 hr shift this week...I'm sleep deprived and I've been bouncing around between Med Surg and ICU. A brief background: I graduated in 2010 and it took me 9 months to land this... Read More

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    Quote from OCNRN63
    I didn't see any nurse eating going on here. I have no idea where you were going with the "rebuke their advances" remark.

    Why is it whenever someone is having a problem with their job, it's a;ways the fail of the seasoned nurses? Maybe the OP just isn't suited for ICU and would do better on a med-surg floor. Maybe she just needs more time to adapt to the job.

    Decades of nurses graduated and started working; there was not the level complaining and accusing older nurses of "eating their young" like there is now. Have we raised the next generation to be unable to handle criticism/negative feedback? Nurses new to the profession should expect negative feedback; they're new to the profession and are going to make mistakes. Mistakes must be addressed...people's lives are at stake.
    I agree...mistakes should absolutely be addressed. To be clear, I don't think I've experienced the "eating young" phenomenon from any of those seasoned nurses, even if I felt they were nitpicking at the time. If anything, they were pointing out the obvious or alerting me to a potential (or actual) mistake regarding pt care. I may not have liked their tone of voice, but whatever. It's not always about me and my feelings

    I don't expect to be handled with kid gloves...I think I just get overwhelmed. A lot. And maybe ICU isn't the right place for me...it's been 4 months since my original post and I can say things have gotten a bit easier. I definitely like ICU more than Med Surg; I'm just trying to find my niche and I think I'm having a tough time with the emotional/mental/physical realities of floor nursing v. nursing school.

    I'm thinking I'll get there...eventually...

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    Oh gosh, did I write this? I, too, often forget to look at the big picture and forget to about my labs, etc. Unless I've been notified of a critical lab value, I tend to just forget about them since it always seems like I have so much going on. I've been called out a few times for not knowing why a patient was still in ICU and just this morning I didn't realize that a patient's K level was 3.0 and the nurse who was taking my patient was annoyed (rightly so) that I hadn't called in the result to the MD and got a order to replace her K. I'm three months in to my first job as a nurse and I'm not sure it gets better but just know that you're not alone.
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    I'm sorry to hear about your difficulty and your feelings of incompetence. However, you're just inexperienced and this is totally expected. It's hard to think to look at the "big picture," to know when to ask why, etc. Heck, "what IS the big picture" is a hard enough question to answer sometimes.
    You made a mistake that tons of experienced nurses make--focusing on someone you felt needed your attention to the detriment of those who are lower priority.
    Give yourself some slack.
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    this thread makes me shiver and anxious big time! and i just started my orientation. Yikes!
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    I know this is thread is years old but..... Did it ever get better? Right now I am in that position: feeling incompetent, frustrated, want to cry every shift, older nurses look down upon me, feel like poop, type of new nurse.
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    I am a new grad RN, I am on a CV surgery floor and I was fortunate to be back on the unit I had my consolidation at during my final year in school. I only had one shift before and the routine is slowly coming back to me but I still feel like I'm a student. I feel like the other nurses expect a lot from the new hires.

    My preceptor is nice but I fear disappointing her by being incompetent. So like the previous poster, I hope it gets better and what's the best way to turn a bad experience into a good one? I haven't had one yet but I am just anticipating that day....

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