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  1. whatsmyusername_RN

    Reflection of accepting a job offer for North Dakota

    I doubt you have to wait long for them to contact you. Our unit is in need of nurses. The good thing about our unit is that we have a lot of new grads, including myself, so you won't be alone.
  2. whatsmyusername_RN

    Reflection of accepting a job offer for North Dakota

    That is the standard post St. Alexius kept on their employment website; it was the one that I applied to. I was later interviewed for the medical/oncology unit. Which unit you are interviewed for depends on which clinical coordinator grabs your application first (this is what I've heard from other new grads- not sure if it's true). A new grad was interviewed for more than 1 unit, so you might have a choice in where you want to work. Btw, there is no "med/surg" at this hospital. There is a medical/oncology where you will care for patients with different medical problems like stroke, pneumonia, infections, etc. There is a surgical unit that divides into 2 areas: surgical ortho or surgical neuro. Surgical neuro includes other types of surgeries (bariatric, general, etc.) Surgical units care for patients post-operatively, not the actual OR.
  3. whatsmyusername_RN

    Reflection of accepting a job offer for North Dakota

    You could have come too DatMurse. It would have been more fun with you there. Then we would have a Texan in the mix lol.
  4. whatsmyusername_RN

    Struggling New Graduate 😥

    OP, you are definitely not the only feeling that way. I'm a new grad too and definitely have few moments where I feel inadequate and downright stupid. I'm still in my orientation so I'm trying to cut myself some slack and not be so hard on myself. I'm telling myself that it'll get better and that all new nurses have moments of self-doubt and feeling if inadequacy. A lot of nurses keep telling me things will get better and I will improve, just like they did. So I'm definitely keeping the positive attitude.
  5. whatsmyusername_RN

    Reflection of accepting a job offer for North Dakota

    no kidding? I can't wait to get off orientation so that I could pick up extra shift.
  6. whatsmyusername_RN

    St. Alexius Bismarck ND

    Congrats to your offer at st. A. Are you on medical/oncology? I don't think they have a med surg department, which is why I'm asking. They have a separate surgical unit. Regardless, congrats. In my search for apts, there were many nice places but they didn't have 1 bedroom, and only had 2 bedroom apts which I didn't want because they were more $. but i finally found a place for about 800 in Bismarck and it is a 1 bed 1 bath apartment with a garage. But I have to say that is hard to find a decent place less than 800-900 around here. I believe it's a little less pricey in Mandan which is about 15-20 min away from Bismarck and st. A. I searched mostly using google, trulia, apartment guide, ndaa websites. I even resort to using craigslist to look for a place lol. Bismarck is a nice city but it can be kind of "dry" as it doesn't have much fun activities. No nightclubs. But people here are nice, friendly, and helpful. I've met a few nurses from CA and who are also working on the med/onc unit so you won't be the only Cali nurse lol. About the offer letter, you don't have to worry. When you get here and meet with HR for paperwork, you'll get an official letter inside the new hired packet.
  7. whatsmyusername_RN

    First name on my DL doesn't match the name on my ATT

    Hi everyone on Allnurses, I'm a little worried about this issue and hope someone on AN can help me. My first name has a hyphen between the letters but on my driver's license, it is written as one whole word. For example (this is not my real name but am using as an example), the legal name is Mary-Kate, but on DL it's written as MaryKate. On the ATT, the name is registered as Mary-Kate. I'm worried that PearsonVue won't let me take the exam if my name on the DL is written without a hyphen and not matched my ATT (and legal name). I went to DMV and tried to correct the name on my DL but the customer rep told me that the computer system won't allow a hyphen on the first name (the last name is okay). My Social Security card has the correct name but I don't think it is considered a valid form of identification. I don't have a passport and if I apply for one, it's going to take couple of months for it to get here. I feel really stressed out because of this issue as my exam is in couple of weeks. If anyone on AN has experienced this or has some advice, I would really appreciate it if you'd share it!