8s vs 12s; night shift or day shift? - page 4

What do you think is better for new nurses? Is it better to do 5 8 hr shifts or 3 12 hr shifts? Is it easier to learn on nights or days? I kind of want to do 5 8 hour shifts that way I am going everyday vs 3 days and then... Read More

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    I work 5 8s, 3-11. I love the 3-11 shift as I am not a morning person, BUT I feel like I have no time off. This is my weekend off (I work every other one) and it is taking me all day to recharge. I love my job and the facility (rehab in a LTC) but it is NEVER 8 hours. I am a new grad (May) and am so grateful for a job, but it is an hour drive for me and I am hoping to get in a place where I can do 3 12s AND closer to home. I would also like to stay in rehab. Ya'll can keep the med/surg

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