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What do you think is better for new nurses? Is it better to do 5 8 hr shifts or 3 12 hr shifts? Is it easier to learn on nights or days? I kind of want to do 5 8 hour shifts that way I am going everyday vs 3 days and then... Read More

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    I am not a morning person. I despised getting up at the crack of dawn when I was in nursing school to make it to clinicals. I'm a new grad nurse and I do 8s. 3-11. Love it! - I picked up an extra shift today working 7-3 and I hated it. UGH! The traffic in the ATL area is another reason I prefer 3-11. Very little traffic going and coming from work. I still have enough time to do the things that I want to do. I also love working weekends. Not just the shift differentials but I just get more things done in my personal life on my off days during the week than on weekends.
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    I think it's best for new graduates to work days for their orientation and then move to whatever they prefer after that.

    I work M-F/ 8 hour days now because I have no choice. I miss my 12 hour shifts in the hospital. I worked every Fri, Sat and Sun and every other week, I worked Thurs. Most people would not like that as a permanent schedule, but I loved it. The weekends were always so much calmer and I hate Mondays. Never worked them in the hospital.

    I was hired at my first nursing job on nights/12 hrs. After orientation on days for awhile, they switched me to nights and I only did that for a few mos. I hated nights! I could never swap back to a normal schedule on my days off, so I would be at home bright eyed and bushy tailed 'til all hours and everyone else, including my child, was asleep. Then, I would sleep all day. It was depressing, to me.

    I finally went to the NM and begged to go back to days and she let me, thank goodness.
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    I work 8's I'm Ltc but would love to work 12s day shift. All our pm nurses like pms because it is more kick back, administration isn't there. Pt. Etc. I worked some pms when I first started amd hated them. The cnas were lazy and I ended up picking up the call lights. I love having administer nurses during the day.. I always have someone I can count on for a stupid qestion or an emergency. I like seeing my patients progress with pt and meeting their families. I wonder does ltc have 13s? Guess it just depends on the facility.
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    i love 12s - i only have to worry about 3 days for childcare! its good to just get it over with. & i love days because you can learn about how to deal with families (which most of the time is harder than dealing with the patient!) & appts, therapy, etc.
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    New nurse here. Hands down, 12-hour night shifts are awesome for learning. Love all the time off as well.
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    As a new nurse you may find it a better learning experience to work days. Also, there is a lot more support and it's generally better staffed so you can focus on learning your skills and fine tuning your assessments without being totally rushed. I prefer eight hour days and twelve hour nights. But when I started nursing I did day and night 12 hours and it was great. I've tried an eight hour line and I hated it. It felt like I was there all the time. I would probably try the 12s and see how it goes Good luck!!
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    I have worked 5 8's and 4 10's and now am working 3 12's and it is the best thing ever. I just worked my 3 12's and am off for the next FIVE days. I have worked 3 -11 and that is a really busy time, I think. I have never worked nights, days is busy but I like it a lot.
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    Personally I have rotated days and nights on orientation at a level 1 ICU and have to say prefer days for orientations to learn and get a feel for the devices and people however I would say nights is better off of orientation because its slower and allows you to focus on your work and gain your confidence.

    Day shift can be very hectic and night allows time for teaching and showing so when you get your first ventric you're not overwhelmed.

    I would never work 5 8's as a floor nurse. Maybe later in my career when I have kids and am in a higher nursing position. I love being able to go to the store and not have to fight to get down an isle and deal with rude people who act like they don't see you standing there waiting to pass......
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    I will work whatever shift, whatever time frame in whatever location so I can get my 1 year experience in. I don't have a preference right now - I just want someone to give me a chance.

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    lol...I love this thread....I say nights are better, others say days are the bomb lol...it really boils down to preference and the Nursing that you are doing...I nurse in a correctional setting, so nights are a little more active (which I like)....these folks seem to live at night so that is where a lot of the action goes down....you will find your niche, enjoy either way you choose .

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