2017 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program - page 58

Hi Fellow Nurses! Is anyone else anxiously awaiting the 2017 cycle opening? I have applied several times and praying that 2017 is my year. I'm tier 1 - not faculty and not an NP. Is anyone... Read More

  1. by   DCAPRN
    Hi All,

    Emailed Nurse Corps LRP to get further details on why I was not accepted. Thought this info might be helpful - someone posted similar info about last year's cycle and it was helpful for me!

    Funding depleted as of the following for 2017:
    Nurse Faculty 29.42%, Funding Tiers 1 - 3
    Nurse Practitioners 116.8%, Funding Tier 1
    Register Nurses (DSH /Public Hospitals) 184.3%, Funding Tier 1
    Register Nurses (All Other CSFs) 131.5%, Funding Tier 1
  2. by   HospitalistNP
    That's not really helpful for me but hopefully applies to others. I'm an NP at a Tier 1 facility with DTI 138%, HIPSA score of 17 - also considered a "critical access" facility in addition to the HIPSA. I was denied. I really don't understand why as I saw another NP on this thread with slightly more debt but made about 5K more than me at a HIPSA score of 16.... not sure why one was awarded and one was not but it's the government so goodness only knows! Congratulations to those of you who were awarded. I guess I'll try again next year.
  3. by   RNbeagle3
    HospitalistNP are you from Illinois by chance?
  4. by   HospitalistNP
    No. I'm in New Mexico.
  5. by   RNbeagle3
    So I just called to see if they knew when my first payment would be received. I was awarded on 9/18. The guy said to expect my first payment no sooner than 11/18 he said 60 days after awarded. Has anyone already received any payments?
  6. by   Neuroscience_NP
    Seems to be some conflicting information regarding the first payment. I called today and was told it's 90 days but when I got the welcome packet it could've sworn it said 30 days......
  7. by   RNbeagle3
    I thought it said 45 days.. oh well I guess I will just be happy when it finally comes
  8. by   erisa048
    I received my finalist letter on August 17 and my first payment on sept 14. Nothing in October yet tho.
  9. by   TeresaRRN
    HospitalistNP, where in New Mexico? I live in New Mexico as well.
  10. by   TeresaRRN
    No lump sum yet. Still waiting.
  11. by   Jmille74
    I got acceptance letter 9/19/17 and just got my first payment today.
  12. by   CrnaTX
    Payment came in!!!!!! Awarded in Sept. Feels so good. Congrats to all that were awarded. Keeping trying to the unsuccessfull.
  13. by   MsFNP1908
    Here's my timeline:

    - Received my finalist email Aug 30th
    - My contract was countersigned September 18th
    -Received my welcome packet September 19th
    - I received my first monthly payment October 18th
    I'm a NP, HRSA score-16, I can't recall my D/I but I was in Tier 1. Good luck to those looking to apply next year, there is hope! Does anyone know if we're eligible to apply for a different program once we complete our contract? I missed the answer to that question during the webinar a few days ago. I will still have $100,000+ in debt unfortunately so wasn't sure if we could still apply for the NHSC program which isn't taxable? Thanks!