Online Micro. Anyone take it and where?

  1. I'm looking into an online micro class. Any ideas?
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  3. by   dtompkins8
    I took it through Ivy Tech!
  4. by   tokmom
    thank you. How was it? Did you have a lab?
  5. by   woodsyny
    Look into Edukan,they have 8 and 12 week courses online with virtual lab
  6. by   MsPiggy
    Edukan is accepted by excelsior? I ask because I haven't heard of them but I need to take Micro as well as my A & P pver aftr 20+ yr.s God help me.

    Thanks :0)
    Ms. P
  7. by   woodsyny
    Lots of people use them and straighterline for electives etc. I do not go to excelsior,but the courses at edukan are through community colleges in kansas which are regionally accredited. Many students in the nursing online programs are using them
  8. by   MsPiggy
    Thanks very much :0)
  9. by   woodsyny
    You are welcome! Check both of them out,I am taking micro in october to get prereq's out of the way and it is an 8 week class. Also they recommend rio salado college for courses also to get pre req's. Allnurses has been a wealth of info for me.
  10. by   RunnerRN2015 offers micro, I think.
  11. by   Studentnurse365
    Hello, I received a private message from you about Patho at Rio salado. I can't private message yet so I am going to post info here!
    The teacher I had was *********. Lets see... the class... hmm how should I explain the class?? Well first off the class was formatted in modules. You read a certain number of modules and can do the interactive quizzes (not worth points) along the way. At the end of X number of modules (i forgot how many, maybe 4?) you take a quiz. When you are done with all modules, there is a comprehensive exam that covers all of the quizzes. Ok, so this sounds really hard, right? It probably would be if you suck at learning things online like I do! Well here is the good part (or not so good part, because it doesn't force you to actually learn the material) The teacher allows you to open the quizzes up 2x, once to print it out then next to actually take the quiz. The teacher told us in her welcome email to print out the quizzes and find the answers in the reading so we would be prepared for the quiz. The quizzes are the same as the quiz you print out... therefore 100% on all your quizzes... Now if you are organized and save all the printed quizzes you are golden for the comprehensive exam because that just takes questions from each quiz.
    I thought this class was a waste of time and didn't learn a thing. The not learning a thing, yea that's on me. I am one of those people who need to be in a class room to learn. Don't think I am just going to let this class slip by though, I have already signed up for an in person patho class! Can't be a nurse without a good education!
    Hope that information helps!
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  12. by   tokmom
    Does anyone except this path class? Seems rather interesting to say the least.

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