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    Hello everyone i could use some advice. i am enrolled and am doing the LPN TO RN PROGRAM ONLINE AT EXCELSIOR. Has anyone had experience with this school??? I hear their clinicals are really hard to pass. So i am really nervous about that. I could really use some imput please... thank you
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    You need to check the FAQ thread in the Excelsior College forum. There are not clinicals throughout the program but 3-day clinical proficiency exam at the end of the curriculum that involves demonstration of clinical proficiency in a variety of skills. & care planning in a lab and patient care setting (with at least one adult & one pediatric patient) . Since it is an exam the evaluators are not there to instruct but to determine if you perform to clinical expectations. This is a distance education program for independent learners with strong academic skills and strong clinical & patient care skills
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    I am currently studying for the CPNE. I would recommend that you take the classes in order as the info flows from one to the next. Also set aside a place and time to study - every day!! No interuptions! Even if only for 15 minutes - take enough time to actually LEARN the material. I used studygroup101 and highly recommend their study guides, I like lots of practice questions and you get, like 500 with each study guide, so I think that really helped me and you absolutely can't beat the price. Get the EC practice exams also, most of them are very useful so you can see what the exam will be like - except LS3 (IMO). Don't skip over any select all that apply questions - you really will need to know how to break them down by the time you get to life spans. Take all negative posts on any forum with a grain of salt - every person is different - their study habits and discipline is different, what may have been a nightmare for them may be relatively easy for you. Review your stong areas but 'study' your weak areas well. Good luck
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    thank you for the advice
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    Can anyone give me an idea on what the LPN to RN thru Excelsior really costs? I have all my prerequisites/Co requisites except microbiology. I'm just looking for an estimate. TIA!
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    Open this link (also listed above) and go to number 3: http://allnurses.com/excelsior-colle...ce-808335.html
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    When I did my CPNE-- 1996-- the passing rate was awful --- like 1 in 5. The week before my CPNE all 6 passed. 5 out of my 6 passed, but the next week only one passed. I did CPNE in Madison, WI.

    At the time I was an LPN on med surg as a team leader and IV certified, so the clinical part wan't really bad for me.... JUST the stress is horrid. They are NOT there to TEACH-- they are there to EVALUATE, and they are picky! Stand up for yourself and do everything correctly. . I had a friend fail for miscounting her IV rate. It was correct when she counted it, accidentally jiggled the pole and it put the rate off. She did not think to re-count before the evaluater did, and she failed.
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