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  1. virgomoon

    Excelsior post CPNE ATI Prep Questions

    Hi there, did you find out the answer to your question? I am currently in the same boat, taking ATI.
  2. virgomoon


    It was an email sent to current students. I don't know if I'm allowed to post it here. It was on the site itself, I believe under the information on ADN program. NY is still accredited and Excelsior is appealing the decision. I don't know what it means, I posted hoping someone could tell me.
  3. virgomoon


    I received an email from Excelsior College that they have lost accreditation for their nursing program except in New York. They are appealing.
  4. virgomoon


    I received an email on 4/21/20. Excelsior lost accreditation except in NY. They are appealing.
  5. LPNS have to take an NCLEX like RN's do. Interestingly, during this Pandemic, LPNS are working on the same units, and floors with covid patients, performing the same duties as an RN. In my hospital, LPNS were taken off the floor just weeks before the pandemic, and had to be sent back to help out. Why all of a sudden is education and license no longer important? Seems hypocritical to me.
  6. virgomoon

    22nd Edition CPNE

    Thank you for responding. No, I wasn't directly speaking to you, and congratulations by the way. I was actually being sarcastic because while the CE's are humans, so are the students. I was grateful for passing the one PCS, but it only solidified my belief that testers are at the mercy of the CE's, and if they really want to, they have more authority than they let on. The CE passed me because she rushed to get my patient together, did not complete her paper work, left the medications for simulation in the basement(the hospital did not allow students to pass meds), and basically said, and I quote, "I'm just going to tell her you passed, I saw you do everything, you know what you're doing". This is why I don't feel everyone is getting a fair shot. I cannot be politically correct, or self deprecating when it's obvious that they are abusing their authority.
  7. virgomoon

    22nd Edition CPNE

    Why so quiet on the home front?
  8. virgomoon

    22nd Edition CPNE

    I passed a PCS even though I left out a critical element. What does that say about this program? Should I appeal?
  9. virgomoon

    NSLIJ Hiring Process

    Hello MrsPerezLPN, I know this is old, but I just wanted to know if you are still working at Northwell Health, and are you working as an LPN? If so, how do you like it there? I know they don't often have LPN positions open. I'm always checking. Thanks in advance.
  10. virgomoon

    My thoughts on the CPNE I just took

    I would just like to say that just because many people pass the CPNE, does not necessarily mean that they performed everything perfectly. That is determined by the CE, and I experienced first hand how biased and subjective this exam can be. A fellow tester in my group said the CE's she had for her first two PCS's were very helpful, gave her hints and coached her. Unfortunately, I did not have such generous CE's. I also experienced how one CE overlooked an error I made on a PCS, but the next CE failed me for it. A critical element is a critical element, or so I've heard. I guess the checklist applies to some and not to others. I am not begrudging those who have passed, I know full well all the work, effort and money that goes into preparing for this exam. I just think it's harsh to judge those who have failed, and assume somehow that it was completely their fault.
  11. virgomoon

    help in job.... long island

    It doesn't surprise me that I would get a response to my previous comment. It seems to me that there is always time for defensiveness and negativity on these sites, instead of polite, constructive criticism. That is why I am bidding adieu to this site and all social media. I'm tired of people hiding behind their anonymity , while they write nasty comments to innocent posters. Makes me wonder how some of these same people treat their patients, just saying... Instead I will seek inspiration and advice from where it has always been, from within myself and those loved ones who surround me. Good luck to all pursuing their degrees, jobs, and higher education. I wish you all well!
  12. virgomoon

    help in job.... long island

    Was that really necessary? This is a site for support and advice, although no one even responds anymore.
  13. virgomoon

    Scored 66% ON the FCCA

    Hi lizzyreg, I know this is an old, but I am in the same boat. I just failed managing mult pts. I had similar issues, the site crashed, I had to log into another computer, then my answers were not being saved. Did you ever get an answer? I emailed tech support and test admin, and they said it will take 5 days. However, I need to register next week for the new session. Did you make it thru? I'm sure you did.
  14. virgomoon


    Hi there, just need to vent. I just failed managing mult pts, FCCA, and I can barely type at this point. It is my first failure and I am in tears. I feel like I have come so far, now I am set back. I passed head to toe, but this one was a killer. I also had technical glitches, and some answers wouldn't save. It was all very frustrating.I read the required reading, but couldn't apply it to the exam. Feeling very discouraged now:(
  15. virgomoon

    My application status at South Nassau Community hospital.....

    Hi there, did you ever find out what the yellow status change means? I also applied to South Nassau and am trying to figure out the meaning. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  16. virgomoon

    Lifespan 3 excelsior

    Hello xoamy, I passed the exam in August and to me it was no harder than the other exams. The practice exams were helpful in preparing for the actual exam, and it seemed to include components of the other 2 Lifespan exams. Good luck!