JUST Passed both FCCA!! - page 2

by Mesiam

Just wanted to write a quick note, since so many comments here helped me with decision making on all levels with Excelsior College. And, made me feel NOT ALONE in this endeavour. Just passed the second exam FCCA 498 last evening.... Read More

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    Hello, I have been accepted in to the nursing program.Have to retake A&P & Microbiolgy because its been more than7 year since i took it.Do you know where i can get questions to healp me pass the course? Thank you!
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    Hello, sorry for not replying earlier, just realized I can't reply thru my inbox as I don't have enough kudos on here here is email mesiam5 at gmail.com
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    you can try studyguide101, I took mine with labs in a local college, but the $10 price tag is well worth it for any practice questions..I did forget to include that with each exam I also studied the excelsior practice exams, the rationales cover much information to each particular subject