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ScudderRN31 specializes in Med-Surg, OR, ICU.

Completed my RN program through Excelsior College and began following my passion by working in ICU. Hope to get my experience in and be flying in a few goal accomplished at a time!

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  1. ScudderRN31


    Any suggestions on specific study guides to prepare for this exam?
  2. ScudderRN31

    saunders comprehensive review for the nclex rn cheap

    $50 ish
  3. ScudderRN31

    Excelsior College

    Plenty of people have..what information are you looking for?
  4. ScudderRN31

    Calling for CPNE Cancellation

    It's luck of the draw, the first morning I called I was told no..sent a message through message center within an hour of the same day, by noon I had a date. Took me by surprise but I ran with it and quickly accepted.
  5. ScudderRN31

    Finally! The prize.

    Congrats! 🎉 Was excited to get mine as well! When do you plan to take NCLEX?
  6. ScudderRN31

    Which Nursing classes can be taken before Micro?

    Science prereqs have to be completed before taking any of the nursing courses
  7. ScudderRN31

    A&P textbook

    I didn't use a book for A&P. I just used Studygroup 101 and the practice exams. However there is rarely much difference in the editions of any at all, most people buy older versions to save money. Best of luck!
  8. ScudderRN31

    Final hurdle

    It seemed to have taken forever but I finally got my ATT and have scheduled my NCLEX, can't wait! 😁
  9. ScudderRN31


    For those of you who have used Saunders to prepare for for NCLEX how are your exam scores?
  10. ScudderRN31

    How long did it take you to finish rn aas/as?

    Credit by exam route for me from start to finish including CPNE was 11 months..just missed paying the annual fee :-)
  11. ScudderRN31

    Passed Micro!! DONE!

    That has changed and no longer allowed
  12. ScudderRN31

    excelsior: math requirement Please help!

    I just completed Beginning Algebra through Aleks to satisfy my math requirement last month. However as others have mentioned I would get approval for the course before completing anything.
  13. ScudderRN31

    Best prep for CPNE after FCCA

    You will get the CD of the study guide a couple weeks after completing FCCA. I bought Robs as well, didn't use it a bit...thought it was terrible.
  14. ScudderRN31

    Best prep for CPNE after FCCA

    Cancellations are within the area you applied for, call frequently to check on cancellations. Didn't use a prep so can't help there. Good luck!
  15. All science has to be completed prior to beginning nursing exams..A&P, Micro