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ScudderRN31 specializes in Med-Surg, OR, ICU.

Completed my RN program through Excelsior College and began following my passion by working in ICU. Hope to get my experience in and be flying in a few years..one goal accomplished at a time!

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  1. ScudderRN31

    Quick Results on a Saturday

    The amount of time while taking the exam doesn't have anything to do with a hold. I took my exam Thursday, 87 questions in 50 minutes. My results were available on Saturday.
  2. ScudderRN31

    CPNE Test Date!!!

    Congratulations! It's a great feeling of accomplishment! 🎉
  3. ScudderRN31

    Save the date!

    The exam is very dry. Information is pretty strait forward. I didn't find the exam difficult, just boring. I only used studygroup and the practice exams for all my tests. It's doable with the right motivation. Best of luck to you!!
  4. ScudderRN31

    Save the date!

    Passed with no repeats!
  5. ScudderRN31

    It's a pass in Utica!

    IF I do Excelsior! :-)
  6. ScudderRN31

    It's a pass in Utica!

    I had to retackle that one as well! You got this!!
  7. ScudderRN31

    It's a pass in Utica!

    Absolutely amazing experience. Wonderful CEs and CA. Great facility. So glad it's over! 😃
  8. ScudderRN31

    Save the date!

    Thank you everyone! I flew in yesterday, got familiar with the area once I got here, drove around exploring. Up bright and early this morning getting comfortable being away from my environment. I truly believe the stress of being out of your own element has a great impact on performance, especially for someone like me from the sticks who rarely travels to a city. Feeling pretty good and everyone here is so kind. Takes a lot of pressure off oneself being welcomed to the area. Had a great flight here with memorable encounters that I'll never forget. All in all I'm excited and ready to show em what I'm made of. I orientate new nurses all the time, I'm use to someone looking over my shoulder and questioning every move I make and that's how I plan to view the CE..let me show you how this is done the Right way! :-)
  9. ScudderRN31

    NPAC still the fastest to go a test date for CPNE?

    I've used Sheri Taylor's and robs, like parts of each. I've been waking up through the night with my brain going through my mnemonics...ugh brain go to sleep! Lol it'll drive ya crazy! Can't wait..getting on the plane first thing in the morning!!
  10. ScudderRN31

    NPAC still the fastest to go a test date for CPNE?

    More test sites = more cancellation dates which is what got me in quick
  11. ScudderRN31

    Patient rights to refuse?

    Touchy subject. I agree with your thoughts in most part. The only thing I would question is if these are psych patients do they hold the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves? Is adult protective services involved? I am by no means a psych nurse but I can see why some feel the need to push the issue. There won't be any improvement without treatment right? However punishing a patient..absolutely not. That would cause more issues I would think. These people need strong individuals to guide them, not more people who shun them. Are there other options available for them? 1 on 1 therapy, videos..something they can do on their own to help them open up. I view this similar to elderly who refuse to take pills, eat, shower..they absolutely have the right to refuse But when it causes them more harm to refuse things one must push harder for their corporation. They don't refuse because they want to die, they refuse because of their mental capacity to make appropriate decisions for themselves is poor. In such case we as nurses won't just stand back and allow them to starve to death. Different view to look at things but essentially the same type of situation. There are many ways to address these type of people and as a nurse it's our responsibility to find what works for each individual patient to ensure they receive the treatment the are entitled to, we wouldn't be doing our job if we didn't.
  12. ScudderRN31

    Save the date!

    Thank you, I appreciate it!
  13. ScudderRN31

    Practice Exams

    When you purchase the practice exams it includes practice exam A and B so you'll do both. I used the practice exams solely to study for psychology
  14. ScudderRN31

    Passed CPNE

    Congratulations! Where did you test?
  15. ScudderRN31

    Anyone doing excelsior in Indiana, Indianapolis

    I'm sure you'll do fine..best of luck to you!
  16. ScudderRN31

    FCCA: Here I come

    Congratulations! Time to take a break and enjoy yourself before FCCA starts!