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  1. princetonrn2b

    cpne application

    Can't we mail it out, the old fashioned way? Or is there no choice other than electronically?
  2. princetonrn2b

    Onto the BEAST!

    Congratulations! Passed my FCCA as well - it's a good feeling, but only for a little while! The battle of the nerves begins now!!
  3. princetonrn2b

    cpne wound

    Hi studentrn4me, I just ordered the Excelsior wound ! But what a great idea- wish I would have thought of that! Is the depth and edges of the wound exactly the same as what is expected at the cpne?
  4. princetonrn2b

    College Math requirement

    Hi rrlpn, ALEKS is a way of fulfilling your math pre-req. You can also CLEP it, like a previous poster mentioned. It is completely online, super affordable,and you can do it on your own time. This is the website :ALEKS -- Assessment and Learning, K-12, Higher Education, Automated Tutor, Math . Once you score 70%, you apply for credit through ACE who forward the transcript to EC. Hope this helps!
  5. princetonrn2b

    College Math requirement

    Thanks CarolinaSantana. I did look into clepping math, but since I will be away for a couple of weeks overseas, I was looking for an online option. Anyway, I did call Excelsior, and they said only a handful of math courses were approved through ALEKS, one of them being Beginning Algebra. So I signed up for it. I did pretty ok on the initial assessment-it was the quadratic equations that took some time to understand . But for $19.95,its a sweet deal. And believe it or not, the learning progress pie chart actually motivates you to keep on going as you watch the colors change in it as you complete the modules. NIbbles1, how did someone finish this in 3 days?!!! It must have taken a lot of coffee and dedication to get it done that quick! I'm looking at wrapping this up in a couple of weeks tops. Also at the tail end of the FCCA , so end of July is going to be stressful! Oh well, one day at a time!
  6. princetonrn2b

    College Math requirement

    Thanks everyone for leaving a comment! I guess ALEKS is the way to go. Nibbles1, I'm tempted to take beginning algebra, seeing that you mention it takes only 3 days. I have some time off from work, so I can give it my all.
  7. princetonrn2b

    College Math requirement

    Can anyone give me any input on what is the best route to take for college math? I'm not bad at math, but at this point when I'm half way through my FCCA and only thinking about the CPNE, I want to get those math credits out of the way as quickly and painlessly as possible! I will be calling excelsior for suggestions, but wanted to what others have done. Thanks for reading! :)
  8. princetonrn2b

    CPNE bound

    Congrats malenurseGB! I just got started with it, so I'm hoping and praying I get where you are soon! Enjoy that beer!
  9. princetonrn2b

    cpne wound

    Anyone have a wound they would like to sell/give away?
  10. princetonrn2b

    FCCA June

    I'm doing the June 30th FCCA as well, both together.
  11. princetonrn2b

    Study buddy in the central NJ area?

    Hello! Anyone live in/nearby the central NJ area and looking to take the CPNE in the fall/winter time frame? I'm still working on my FCCA, so I should be done in a month or so. Thanks!
  12. princetonrn2b

    My CPNE success Journal from Albany Med June 21-23 2013

    wow! What a weekend for you! Love reading these 'I Passed!" journals from everyone. Sooo inspirational! Congratulations, Lindseyvam!
  13. princetonrn2b

    JUST Passed both FCCA!!

    Wow, congrats! I had stopped using sg101 a long time ago when I ended up with a C in Lifespan 1. Problem with sg101 is that you're never sure if they've really covered all required topics or not.
  14. princetonrn2b

    Hello everyone!

    Hi maleNurseGB, Are you doing both sections together? I start June 30th, so I have a little time to prepare.I have soooo many questions about it, though! I understand you can call the advisors anytime ( and as many times, lol!) during the course- did you do that? From what I have been reading, it is 'doable'. Remember to follow the guide!
  15. princetonrn2b

    Hello everyone!

    Hi LPN2RNLIZ, Six classes is'ent too far away- before you know it, you 'll be here too! I have to admit I had a bit of a mini-shock to see the fcca guide posted to my MyExcelsior page.
  16. princetonrn2b

    Hello everyone!

    Just wanted to say hello to eveyone on the board :) This forum has been a companion resource for me from the beginning of my Excelsior journey ( started a year and a half ago) , and so many posts on here have helped to guide me as I figured my way around the many pre-req.'s and fundamentals I had to clear. I have now reached the fcca and cpne 'hurdle'. Continuing to read all of your posts, as I try to make more sense of the elusive fcca. I have already signed for the course ( intend to do both at the same time),and asked a few questions about the format from my advisor, but I understand there is only so much they can tell me. So just following the guide and hoping for the best! Thanks for reading!