Humanities Credits for Excelsior

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    So i am thinking of taking the following two exams for my 6cr in humanities that i still need to do: #1: Intro to Philosophy & #2: Bioethics:Philosophical Issues.

    Now i do understnad that i can take a CLEP humanities exam and it's cheaper-got that- however, my grant that i have is FREE so it seems like a better idea with me not working to just take the humanities exams through EC since they are 100% paid for for me.

    My question is has anyone on here taken these exams to fulfill their humanities credits and if so what did you think of them? I will not be attempting either of these until closter to Jan/Feb as i want to just get the rest of my nursing exams finished as well as my gen eds that are more closely linked to my nursing exams (micro and human growth)

    I'm hoping these arent going to be too difficult! Thanks in Advance!


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    I took Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, was done in about 45 minutes, and it was an easy 6 credits.

    No feedback on the other ones.
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    Analyzing and Interpreting Lit, was that an EC exam or a CLEP text?
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    i took the Bioethics Philosophical Issues in Aug. if you follow the study guide and utilize the practice questions and quizzes in the Munsun book, you will be fine. Make sure you get all 3 required books. I had a hard time finding a current edition of the Munsun book so I ended up going to for book rental.
    Hope this helps, and happy studying!
    Smitty G.N.
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    Just took the Humanities CLEP literally about 30 minutes ago. Believe me when I say it is a broad exam. Wasn't as bad as I expected though but in the end I kinda had to push myself because I had lingered on some questions too long. Ended up with a 64....yippee!!!!!!!!!
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    hey that's great! whad did you use to study for the humanities clep?:
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    I joined and used the REA study guide. I also drew on prior knowledge of music and literature.
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    I was wondering the same questions! Thanks for the post op!
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    What classes are options for Humanities? I have a History class from a local college wonder if that would be appropriate?
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    congrats. I was wondering what did you used to study for the exam.

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