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Hi. I'm new to this site and new to Excelsior. I have chosen Mystudygrouo101 as core study material. I'm wondering what strategies work for others with this material. There is a lot of content and multiple practice exams. This... Read More

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    Transition is the most boring material. Interesting/informative, but dry. It's like History I..... Blah
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    I took Health Safety and passed the exam. One thing I noticed while studying and comparing information from SG101 was that SG101 had a LOT of wrong answers in the practice exams. I highlighted a lot of differences between the textbooks and the SG101 information, and I'm sorry but some of the SG101 stuff was just plain wrong. I'm not sure how they are for Chronicity, but I think what helped me pass was using the materials from the recommended books (a lot of the questions were straight out of The Point online as well as the textbook study guides), and taking the EC practice exams. I honestly wouldn't use SG101 solely. Just my opinion. Everyone has different study habits. Good luck!
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    I used sg101 for all my exams so far, but I didn't find any wrong answers on the quizzes. The quizlet flashcards had some wrong answers, but that's quizlet not sg. If you report any wrong answers they will fix them, I think. I had a question on a quiz for reproductive and kay gave me the page and paragraph with the answer.
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    from the textbook that is, so I could look it up and see that it was correct.

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