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Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone is currently taking the Excelsior LPN to RN ... and how goes it??!! I'm not sure of this program, but I thought I would bite the bullet & try to pass the 1st of the 7 exams... Read More

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    Thank you for your reply!!! I am hoping to sign up for it Friday...figure study for one month per exam n get done by next June completely... Health safety does seem to be more common sense and all review. I'll def buy Lisa's CDs. I seen them on eBay! Let me know how Transition goes!! Sounds like I'm just a step behind you! Maybe we can keep each other motivated!:-)
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    yep we sure are. I will def keep in touch. i will let you know thur how it goes!!!! email me if you have any specific questions scmitchell_04@yahoo
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    Sorry I didnt get back with you but I passed Transition and Im taliking Repro thur. How did health safety go for you?
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    I went out for vacation. Just got back today! !! Getting it done soon,money is what's keeping me from signing up darn it! Making the commitment to put life n vacation on hold for a bit n just get errr done!
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    Im using studygroup101, I think they are better than Lisa's and very affordable, they are on eBay too but they do have a website and you can get them as a download. I've done the first 5 exams and micro and anp with them. As soon as I save up some money I will register for LS3
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    Got my credit card specifically for excelsior in this week! Yay!! Signing up for the first test: HEALTH SAFETY on Monday. Planning on taking the test June 30th. Any recommendations on studying for this test? Is 50 hours of studying/preparation enough? Because that's my plan 10-15 hours of studying for 4 weeks. I'll be getting on ebay this weekend to order study guide 101.
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    I am strongly considering the Excelsior program for my Paramedic to RN transition. I spoke with a phone representative yesterday regarding the program but would like to get some more information from this group.

    1.) Pre-requisites: I do not have A&P I/II, Micro, or a college level math course. Has anyone used the Excelsior courses to complete these courses? Are there better options without enrolling in community college to complete these courses, CLEP?

    2.) Study Material: I've heard about e-Bay study guides and study websites, are these very useful? I don't want to spend thousands on text books that I could be saving towards my CPNE.

    3.) People have mentioned taking exams 1 and 2 before enrolling??? How do you do that?

    I would like to make a very informed decision before officially taking the plunge with Excelsior...any advice is greatly appreciated. I have no problem regarding self paced studying. I am just looking for information to get the absolute best out of my learning.

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    1) I think alot of people do ECs anp and micro courses so they must not be too bad
    2) The best study material I found is studygroup101, the rest were surely lacking info or were very old or disorganized. Buy your books used on Amazon or check with your library, they can get some of them on a 30 loan and it doesn't cost anything that way.
    3) I think, until October, you can still take Health Safety and transition to registered nurse exams before enrolling. At least that way you can get a feel for the whole 'online' challenge exam thing before you commit.
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    hi everyone! im new here been an lpn since 1996 I live in westchester I really am considering this to get my rn but am soo worried since ive always been a traditional student. Do any of you guys live in westchester? i have so many questions and would love to also have some study buddies. is any one game?
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    Hello everyone, I have been a LPN for almost 20 yrs and have been back and forth about getting my RN. I want to do it online and have been looking at ec for 3 yrs but afraid to take the plunge. Heard lots of horror stories. I don't want to put all the time and money into it and not be prepared enough to sit for the boards or find its not accredited. Also, I have some credits from yrs ago but don't think I can use them. Has anyone taken all the general classes at ec along with the nursing ones. I really don't want to sit in a classroom and take up time. Iwant my degree quickly and with a family plus working full-time it will be impossible. Also, I live in western pa does anyone know if u need the labs for micro/a&p for pa licence. I read on the ec site something about that...I also read on someones post about doing clinical for who u work for? I have worked for a home health and hospice company for 5 yrs now. I do everything a RN does except push iv's but don't get the wages...any and all info would help greatly to ease my nerves and take the plunge. Thanks

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