Excelsior Exams and Saunders NCLEX book.

  1. I hear often people mentioning using the Saunders NCLEX book for excelsior exams and wondered if anyone took the time to create a table, or a list, of chapters to read verses what test you are taking.

    If so, can you please share?

    Thank you.
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  3. by   mrstookielpn
    For the most part the table of content coincide with most of the "chapters" of the content guide you are using. I'm only on chronicity, but so far I have found the section I'm studying (in the content guide) by looking at Saunders' table of content.
    Happy studying
  4. by   nursenora1
    Yes, same for me as well. Just use the content guide that EC gives you and look up that information in the saunders book. The saunders book was really helpful as well. Use the CD that comes in the back of the book to practice questions in that chapter.
  5. by   Brooklynqueen
    just starting excelsior after a long decision of how to free up time pursuing my BSN. Please any tips on cheap book purchases and classes to start first! need all the advice I can get! I am a LPN so hopefully I will be able to fit right in!
  6. by   mrstookielpn
    Brooklynqueen ..which "class" to take first is really up to you. It depends on what credits you currently have. My suggestion would be to send in the excelsior application and fee with your transcript (if applicable) then go from there. As far as used books you can go to half.com as well as eBay. I purchased from both of these sites as well as the Excelsior book exchange (Im not sure if you need yo be enrolled) I have all my books and maybe spent $100 total. I was also blessed by a student with free books as well as supplemental materials all for the cost of shipping (which was only $15).
  7. by   veggieLPN
    Are you guys using Saunders Q&A Book or Saunders Comprehensive Review Book?
  8. by   mrstookielpn
    I assumed we were talking about the comprehensive review.
  9. by   nursenora1
    The comprehensive review book