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  1. Is the CPNE really that bad? There are peoplewho say they fail you just to fail you and that it's very nerve wracking.Do those worshops really help you pass? Please help I'ma nervous wreck over this. Thanks

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  3. by   Moogie
    Moving to Distance Learning in Nursing forum to elicit more responses. I think you will find the answers you need here.

    Good luck!
  4. by   Pixie.RN
    Erin, when do you take your CPNE?
  5. by   LaxNP
    The CPNE is a very doable portion of the program. Some are prepared and some are not. It has been several years since I have taken it, but I felt that it was very basic and nerve wrecking as well. I never took a work shop and only studied the manual and texts to prepare. I was lucky enough that after hounding the office about a cancellation date, I tested in only 2 months. This short period of time really helped, because EC called me two weeks before and after that I ate, slept, and did everything else in between with that manual. The CPNE is designed to weed out those that are not prepared. I work with a woman that is a clinical evaluator for EC. She has told some horrible stories of how students are not prepared and do some crazy stuff. Just remember it is doable. many people here on the board have passed it and finished the program, and everyone here is always more than willing to help and offer support.
  6. by   Lisa1980
    My opinion... was not bad at all. I think the people who say it is, it was because they were not prepared. I passed with no repeats, lab sims no repeats, and careplans with no revisions! Good Luck!! It is doable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't be afraid of the CPNE!
  7. by   Erin5577
    You guys are great! Very supportive, which is exactly what I need!I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any suggestions on study techniques? You guys are great I'm so glad I joined this forum!

  8. by   Pixie.RN
    Erin, judging from your other post about getting ready to take Health Safety, you are probably nowhere near the CPNE right now. Don't worry about it ... take it one exam at a time, and by the time you go to your CPNE, you will probably have done more than enough studying and preparation!! Welcome to allnurses and the Distance Learning forum!
  9. by   Erin5577
    I thank you for your kind words. I am just trying to mentally prepare myself for this CPNE, I plan to finish all the exam by the end of August. Lunah do you have any advice on what to study for the CPNE should I got to one of the workshops? By getting this RN I'm trying to gain my independence back financially so I am VERY motivated toget this done and move forward with life. I went to a 2 year RN school however I got a D in the very last class in the last semester so this is why I'm at Excelsior. I appreciate the support thats what I need especially right now!
  10. by   caliotter3
    Some people pass the CPNE, some do not. That is the chance you take when you sign on with the Excelsior program. The best way to overcome any doubts about passing, is to prepare yourself as thoroughly as you possibly can. Some workshops can be very helpful, others have been described as ripoffs. Like with anything else, you need to do your investigating before spending money on a workshop.
  11. by   momto3rn2b
    I am in the exact same boat as you, I failed the last class of my ADN program by 0.69. I have been devastated and very emotional, and I think the only thing I can do to get past it is finish what I started. I have worked too hard for too long to give up now. I think Excelsior might be a good option for me, I just worry about passing the CPNE, and of course paying for attending another nursing school. Did any of your previous nursing courses transfer to excelsior?
  12. by   Pixie.RN
    momto3rn2b, I am so sorry about that 0.69 ... ugh, that's devastating! I can tell you that all the time I've been around (since 2007), I haven't seen Excelsior grant credit for previous nursing courses. The only time they let people out of any of their exams is for the LPNs/LVNs, some of whom get to skip the second nursing exam if they meet certain criteria. It's likely you'll have to take all the nursing exams, but once you take one and know what to expect, you can figure out the best way for you to study and rock them out. The people on this board have been doing test after test lately and are getting it done!

    Ultimately, your best bet is to apply to Excelsior and let them tell you which classes/courses you'll need. Welcome to allnurses, and don't hesitate to ask questions!
  13. by   Erin5577
    No they didn't accept any of my previous nursing courses. They let me skip one class for being and LPN and they accepted all my prereqs like English, A+P,etc. You can do this, youcame this far!!!! All you need is some encouragement which everyone on this site (myself included) would be more than happy to give you. Take Care and apply to Excelsior, you can do it.

  14. by   Missy77
    I'm in the same boat as the both of you. I also failed my ADN program. It took me a while to get over my experience in nursing school because I harbored such bad feelings about nursing. All the wasted time, money but I feel I have another chance with EC. I've received so much encouragement and support from this site than I ever did my entire time in nursing school. Hopefully I'll be done with the program before the new year. Best of luck to both of you!