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  1. If you graduate from Excelsior college ASN program can you sit for your NCLEX RN in florida?
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Yes, you can. Of course, you should verify answers with the Florida BON. States with issues or additional requirements for Excelsior graduates are listed here: State Board Requirements - Excelsior College - excelsior.edu

    I have moved your post to the Excelsior College forum.
  4. by   medic112
    I am no longer studying with Excelsior but I still check the postings from time to time.

    I agree with Pixie Rn, it is always best to communicate with the individual states BON.

    This link will at least help guide you to current states with known additional requirements. Last year when I was enrolled, only California was a hard "No" and would not accept Excelsior graduates. Joining the list: Alabama, Arkansas, Washington state is possibly joining the list. Good luck with whichever path you choose. State Board Requirements - Excelsior College - excelsior.edu
  5. by   Pixie.RN
    Same link that I posted. I am licensed in Washington State as of last month, so it's still fine.
  6. by   takiabrr01
    Thank you for answering. The information you gave was very helpful. I live in Florida and think this program would be more conducive for me. I am an lpn seeking to become an RN quickly.
  7. by   ineedachange1
    @medic112 where are you studying now if you are no longer with excelsior (if you don't mind me asking)?