EC Students - CPNE Eligible Group :)

  1. Thought I would start us a thread to keep up with our little group of people that have finished or will be finishing the last exam in the next few weeks.

    Me, I am done with exams, scheduled my FCCA and it will be here next week with completion by months end. The only other little obstacle is my PF Info Lit course, waiting on my book now, should be here this week. I plan to knock it out the day it gets here.

    Its been a long year. I enrolled in July 2011 and finished my last exam this month. I am so ready to get done with this program and get out of a job I hate and get into a job I love.

    I'm in VA so I have a few hoops to jump thru to get licensed, I will apply for and actually work in NC.

    I'm hoping to schedule my CPNE for June/July and will probably go with NPAC, I have heard great things about Albany and Syracuse, so it looks like New York will be my best bet. I am scared to death of NY, I'm used to dirt country roads but will deal with it when I get there. I would really love to find someone here that I can possibly meet up with at the test site to go thru this nightmare with me, seems it does work out sometimes where a few of us do manage to have the same dates/sites.

    So, where is the rest of CPNE ready folks at? For those of you working tirelessly to get that last exam in and make the deadline for the paper hard and get it done so you can join in with the madness of the CPNE prep.

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  3. by   BostonNurse2876
    I am right here with you!! Only I am a tad behind you..won't test until Late Aug or early Sept. I want plenty of time to study and I'm not rushing it at all. I also have the info lit class to take--what book are you using to study? I have Ethics/world religion and Sociology to get donw while I wait. Doing Ethics in a week or so. Get my FCCA on 4/10! I wonder when I should sign up for Sherry's online workshop? Maybe May?
  4. by   RyanCarolinaBoy
    WOOHOO!! I passed LS3 this morning So happy to have that behind me. Now i'm just waiting for my email re: FCCA availability. I hope to do it before it goes live on computer. I plan on taking the CPNE in June in NY if I can get a date there. I want this behind me. Congrats to all of us making it this far. May we finish the journey together. I'm so excited to be to this point...

    Nervous1-I live in NC now and work here as an LPN. What part of the state are you planning on working in? PM me. I also plan to test NPAC in June if I can. Would love to study together as we can!
  5. by   Nervous1
    Boston Nurse - I'm waiting on my PF book to arrive for Info Lit, its open book so it should be a quick and easy thing to get done. As far as the ethics/world religion and sociolog....have you looked into taking CLEP's. They are much cheaper and easier. I have a large assortment of the CLEP study guides if you decide to use cleps, I will send you my REA books for them. With the cost of the CPNE and the cost of the EC exams, if you can take a $77 clep and get it done, it may save you some money. Let me know.

    Ryan - that is awesome! You will have no problem getting in under the wire for the paper version. You should have your email and instructions before the end of the week. I'll send you a PM now.
  6. by   BostonNurse2876
    Lisa, I'll send you a PM with my address, I would love any study guides I could get!!! I plan on CLEP ing them all and going to PF for the info/lit exam. I want to book my CLEP exams by Friday--study for like 2 weeks then get them over with.

  7. by   Nervous1
    Chris check out degreeforum and instacert....they have some great resources for the tests, I was glued to degreeforum for months while completing my cleps. I just got your message, I will dig thru my books and send them your way.
  8. by   Nervous1
    Well I caved in a few minutes ago and signed up for Sheri's workshop and also for the Study Guide she offers at the same time, BUT I did not get my study guide in an email for instant download or on her site either. I sent an email about it. Dang, I was looking forward to cracking it open and staying up all night. Hope it comes tomorrow morning
  9. by   BeachCathyRN
    I think I got mine the next day - a link sent to me. Also if you have a kindle or Ipad you can download it to that so goes everywhere with you!! I did the same thing with her workshop didn't plan on signing up so early but caved in and sooooo glad I did, she really brings it all together.
  10. by   Raggedy Ann
    Hello everyone! I had planned on taking mine way before now,but visiting with my dad could not wait and this exam is still here. So... I hope to be starting this new job April 1st, and do the training for that thru end of April. I then plan on taking CPNE in August or September. Best luck and prayers to everyone. We can do this!
  11. by   BostonNurse2876
    Hi Raggedy Ann, I am taking mine hopefuly Seaptember. Taking FCCA on 4/10 then hoping to get my things gathered to apply for the CPNE! Good luck to you.

  12. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    I'm a bit ahead of you all...take my CPNE 30 March...totally stressed studying right now, it is ALOT of info...nervous but weirdly a bit excited about it too!
  13. by   BostonNurse2876
    Tasha, you should be excited!! it's right around the corner! Keep us posted!!!
  14. by   Nervous1
    Well I have signed up for Sheri's workshop, fell in love with her study guide and I've watched 2 of the videos (the wound and Secondary Med station), I am really loving it so far. I've already learned a lot so far. I feel better just watching the videos, its like its not as bad as I thought it was going to be, but the stress will get to me and I'm sure I'll start freaking out soon.

    I've talked myself out of NPAC. I going with Atlanta! One of my reasons is, the mock that I can do with Sheri right before my CPNE. I think it will boost my confidence to get me thru the weekend. I also think I will be more comfortable in Atlanta rather than NY.

    Right now I'm working on my mneumonics for the assessments.

    I got my hopes up today because UPS left me a package, I thought it was my FCCA arriving a few days early, but it was not, unfortunately! Oh well, I'll stalk the driveway next week for it.