chronicity- study tips please!

  1. 0 hello! i would really appreciate any study tips/ideas for this excelsior exam. i need to know what i should focus on because the reading has been endless and extremely :zzzzz... also i'm not sure whether i should purchase studygroup for this exam or not, but i would like to know where i can find helpful practice questions related to this exam.
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    I'm right there with you. I actually kept up with how many pages and it was over 1000 pages. Alot of reading. I thought the Chronic Illness was very long and a lot of reading. Good luck to you. I take the test next Monday
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    I've got this test this weekend. I got the College Network binder off craigslist and read it, and all the texts except chronic illness. I'm going to focus on end of life care, sensory impairment, and culture/diversity.
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    Just took this one and failed it with a D. I used the practice exams exclusively. They are a GREAT BIG HELP but are not enough. You need a little more. Put a little extra time into Sensory Impairments, that was my downfall.
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    I used studygroup on this one and got an A - they have lots of practice quizzes which I think really help me to learn more.
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    The reading is killing me. I think I just need to register for the test and force myself to study. I am using the studygroup stuff too. So I think ill be okay.

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