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  1. jerez01

    How old is too old to become a new RN?

    I didn't mean any offense by my previous post, and if you (Cathy) took any offense by it I'm truly sorry. I tend to give an opinion in a "what would I do if I were in your shoes" kind of way, so this is exactly that- my opinion & what I would think & do if I were you.. And lately I have been all about "Dave Ramsey" & budgeting so you can see how my post would relate & be about saving money lol. It's definitely nothing more than that, I don't know what you must be feeling & going through but I do wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide.
  2. jerez01

    How old is too old to become a new RN?

    I agree with luvscience, I think that it's great you want to try something you've always wanted to do, but realistically I don't know how marketable you would be post graduation and also the money, time and effort put towards the degree would probably be invested best towards retirement and/or your family, due to your age. Maybe you should ask yourself why? Why do you want to be a nurse or work in the field? Maybe you can fulfill this desire by volunteering at a hospital on different units, and you would be helping the medical staff but most importantly be helping the patients and they would greatly appreciate you in the moments that their nurse/cna is busy, you can increase patient satisfaction that way. It was hard for me in my late 20's landing an RN position, I can't imagine what it would be like in my late 50's. Good luck!
  3. jerez01

    Office vs hospital?

    I am also a new grad RN, graduated last year 6/2015 and have worked at an outpatient office for 8 years. I have applied and applied and applied to CT hospitals all over to get in and get that acute care experience but none have called me back. I have an interview set up for yet another outpatient office and though I am grateful for the opportunity, I was looking to work in the hospital, build up skills set, and build up my resume. I wouldn't be able to do that so much in an outpatient setting. I think that if you are looking to continue your education into a master's program, working in the hospital setting would be a wonderful experience no matter what unit. And some hospitals do allow you to transfer to a different unit after a year I believe, so don't let the offer make you feel like you're limited to just that position. It seems as if the hospital will offer a lot more for you and your future than the office setting. The sign on bonus is probably a lot less than what the hospital will pay for your courses, so paying that back is just a small sacrifice for what you're getting in return. In any case you should go to the interview with a clear mind not thinking about any other job but the one they have offered. Make them believe you want that offer and that unit! I wouldn't pass it up! But this is your decision and you should weigh the pros and cons! Good luck with your interview, review the hospital's mission statements, values and scenario questions! Good luck in your decision!
  4. jerez01

    Kaplan questions

    I studied for about 6 months and first I tried ATI the rationales didn't offer much of an explanation for me so I paid for Kaplan after hearing from my friend that "it was the best". I mostly used their videos for content but I just didn't understand their questions and rationales, sometimes it seemed subjective to me no matter how much I tried to use the decision tree. When I came across UWorld I was saved! Lol. After using UWorld for 2 months I felt ready and prepared, there were many few times I looked up a question I didn't understand because their rationales offered a better explanation than the others. I passed the nclex with 89Q and had 11 SATA. Good luck!!
  5. jerez01

    Stamford Hospital GEMS Program

    Hello! Did you ever hear back from the hospital? I'm curious about the program as well! Thank you.
  6. jerez01

    New grad in ASC...Help please!

    WOW! I'm a new grad myself currently studying for the nclex && applying for jobs... But this scares me because I know I will need extensive training once I step foot in the hospital.. Or anywhere! .. I probably won't be much help here, but what I would do is: speak with HR/employer & see what kind of training other nurses had in that facility & how long, and I would ask what does "extensive training" consist of.... You want to be able to deliver safe effective patient care and feel comfortable in your position with an (amazing) preceptor to show you the ropes!!! Good luck!!!!
  7. Hello all!! just wanted to know how fast did you hear back from YNHHS after applying?? I'm a new grad Associate Nurse and applied to 3 different positions (part time evening w/benefits) within their organization... Just wanted to know if it's easier to know someone who already works there, would you get a faster response then? Also, any of you have the "part time w/benefits"? What exactly are the benefits? Please say medical/dental! Lol :)
  8. jerez01

    Christiana Care Perioperative Nurse Residency 2015

    Hey! I'm just reading your post now and am curious to know how it went for you?? I too have only worked outpatient and don't have any med surg experience... Can you please share? I'm nervous myself about starting a med surg position that I have delayed putting in an application lol
  9. jerez01

    Win $100! February 2013 Caption Contest

    "Hey little guy I have a lollipop for you when we're done! So come back here!"
  10. jerez01

    Passed CPNE at Grady on 05/04/2012!!

    Hey Claudia, congratulations!!! I have a question for you, what made you want to test at Grady?
  11. jerez01

    Passed LS2 this afternoon!!!!

  12. jerez01

    Study buddy Albany NY

    Hi, im in CT as well. Im studying for LS3 then hopefully the FCCA and CPNE soon after. How far into the program are you?
  13. jerez01

    LS2 Help please!

    The exam I felt was more difficult than LS1 mostly because there were alot of "select all that apply"... But definitely do-able!! I used diff materials to study with but the practice exams def helped and so did doing nclex style questions on the specific topics, with saunders or mosby. Do as many practice questions as you can! Good luck!
  14. jerez01

    LS2 Help please!

    UPDATE: passed LS2!! :) on to the next exam =>LS3 ( which I heard is the most difficult )...good luck to all!
  15. jerez01

    Study Buddy please!

    Anyone in the CT area or NY westchester area who are doing their life span series? Im studying for LS2...still! lol and would like to bounce ideas, study tips, encouragement with someone! thanks!