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    I was wondering if any of you have worked with staffing agencies on the business side or started a staffing agency business outside new york
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  3. by   somenurse
    I have a pal who is currently in the process of starting her OWN staffing agency. It is very very small.
    she says she is making more money than she ever ever dreamed possible. wowza, she IS raking in the bucks. She herself is working 3 days each week, and just rollin in the dough. The other 4 days of each week, she is sending in others to care for the patient.

    Right now, she is only able to staff about 2 or 3 homes at same time, doesn't have enough staff to do more, but, has list of clients who do want her. Not all her staff are nurses, either, many are CNAs, etc.

    If you have a specific question, i can ask her, and post what she said. I'm not sure if she is up to snuff on all the legalities of what she is doing, and she lives in fairly wealthy area, and my impression is, she is being paid out-of-pocket, not by medicare or insurance, but, i'll ask her.

    She lives in California.
  4. by   NedRN
    Low barrier to entry - it is dead easy to start a staffing agency. Do you have specific question?
  5. by   nurseprnRN
    Look at your state requirements, too-- if you intend to get paid by insurance, medicaid, medicare, you will need to meet criteria they set. If you just want to do a private-pay "comfort" sort of thing, CNA care, etc., your challenges will be getting insurance, bonding, and CORI checks on your employees ... and staffing the shifts they call out on or no-show.
  6. by   Kylenelson
    Quote from Healthcaresolutions

    I was wondering if any of you have worked with staffing agencies on the business side or started a staffing agency business outside new york
    I am in the process of running one. We have two contracts but these were obtained through prior relationships. We are now in a rut.

    I was wondering if anyone knows the best way to approach a facility to get a contract?

    Who am I approaching? The CNO, Staffing Manager, HR, DON, etc.

  7. by   LJ85
    I don't know how its so easy..I am in the process in NJ as we speak and I don't know if it's just hard to find a person who can get the job done or harder to just find the right person for the job. When you start out in the journey to start a HHC business you're on your own, unless you know someone who wants to help you. I had no one to answer any of my questions, had to do tons of research to find the answers and spend countless hours on the phone..on hold.. getting disconnected lol..We finally got our bonding for insurance and got the app out in the mail..Now we wait to hear from the state..As far as how to do the insurance and what to charge clients and how to get reimbursed and everything else that goes along with the company..policies and procedures, payroll, patient care plans...It's all one day at a time. I know there are companies out there who assist in some of these things, but when you're on a tight budget you try to be as self sufficient as possible, while trying not to compromise the success of the company. There are 3 partners in my agency, myself an LPN, graduating in May with RN, and two others with zero home health knowledge. I have brought on a friend RN who will take the DON position until I am able, but this is new to all of us. The only leg up I have is working in the field in HHC for the past 10 years. If anyone wants to offer up any tips or advice, I'm all ears!