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I currently teach night classes for a medical assisting program, and became certified to teach CPR students through AHA 6 mo ago. Are there any other opportunities for me outside of a small college... Read More

  1. by   Argus
    Hello I'm a instructor for bls and acls. I'm currently looking for teaching opportunities. Unfortunately I haven't found any opportunities. I am a independent instructor. I do not now where to look for clients to teach or how to set up my own class threw the instructor network site. I have called numerous hospital, nursing homes, staffing companies to look for work but usually internal employee do these jobs. I know that instructor set up their classes privately. I am aligned with a training center but they haven't been much of a help. My question is how can I set up a private class and where and what type of clients I should approach for work . Any information will help.
  2. by   Steeleworks
    Dear Newtress,

    I know this is a few years late, but here goes. Think entrepreneur!

    You need three things to succeed in business.

    1) A problem to be solved, a job to be done or a need to be filled.
    2) People who are obsessionally passionate about the problem.
    3) People who have money to pay for it.

    This is the formula for success in any business.

    Now consider who would have a need. Any place where you see a huge office building or doctor, dentist, school, you have people who are obsessive about not having people die (or worried about liability). And they have money.

    Take the training to them. Make it easy so they can learn inside their offices and do not have to leave. As a business, you need to make at least $60 per hour and $120 is more reasonable. You don't make $120, your business does. You will probably only be able to pay yourself about $25 per hour.

    Out of the rest of the money, your salesman, your office manager, book keeper will be paid, even if they are you. Unemployment and vacation pay will also come out of this. Likewise your insurance and the brochures you print up.

    If you were a huge corporation offering this service, what would you have and charge. Think big even though your small and charge accordingly.
  3. by   Nursepreneur
    I would try running some facebook ads targeted to nurses in your area, city or zip code.
    and using social media to advertise your services, do you have a website?
  4. by   Sam J.
    Craigslist in CA is full of independent CPR instructors that charge about $49 just for a basic CPR renewal card. If you have 10-20 people signed up at one time, and it can be lucrative.

    Be sure you obtain a business license in every city you operate in- that can be expensive. LA County, for instance, has almost 100 cities- if you do business in all of them, you need almost 100 business licenses (at an average of $100/per, per year), so better to keep your classes in as few cities as possible, or even at home only if your city allows this kind of home based business (many do not, if people come to your house, and if so also require fire permits, and other junk). It's illegal in most cities not to have a business license, and if they feel like it they can pursue you for taxes on the revenue you made without a license, back years' license fees, and penalties, which could wipe you out. Contact your city business license office for details, they all have it listed online.

    As far as insurance, an umbrella policy is one idea, but talk to a local insurance agent for your needs. People are 'always' suing people for anything and everything. Insurance is cheap.
  5. by   wellcoachRN
    A option that you may be able to pursue is contacting local business and offering classes. Also, offering community classes at local colleges and schools for teachers would also be another option. Best of luck to you!
  6. by   NutmeggeRN
    School districts are usually looking to certify staff
  7. by   LJ85
    Quote from athomemom56
    I just finished a CPR instructor course and am certified to teach BLS for Health Care Providers as well as Heartsaver CPR. If anyone on this board teaches CPR, can you PLEASE tell me if you had to purchase any type of liability or any type of insurance to protect yourself. This has been so hard to find out. I plan on teaching CPR independently as I don't have an agency that I work for presently. I will teach from my home, at designated locations, schools, daycare providers homes, employers offices etc.

    The person who taught my instructor course recommended getting insurance to protect yourself as an know how sue happy folks are nowadays... If I get more info on who Ill let you know, I think he mentioned Professional Liability Insurance, malpractice insurance for healthcare and counseling professionals.
  8. by   meanmaryjean
    It seems to me (and correct me if I'm wrong) that you are all looking to certify healthcare providers since that is what your instructors' credentials are.
    You are all missing the HUGE market of non-healthcare people out there who want to learn CPR. You can just do the basic Heartsaver class for these folks. Think new parents, restaurant managers (Heimlich), day care employees, and just about anyone with a pool. THAT is where you have a never-ending supply of clients.