When adults whine....

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    [vent]...I swear to God, I cannot handle it when children whine, but grown adults? Does this drive anyone else crazy?

    I get that you're not feeling well, I get that you hurt, I get that you're scared, tired, hungry, etc. etc. etc., and I will do my darndest to get you feeling better! Warm blanket? No problem! Cup of ice chips? No problem (unless you're NPO!)! A little Zofran and Dilaudid? Here ya go!

    But please, for the love of all that is holy, can you stop with the whining????

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    Right there with you! Whiny women really grate on my nerves.
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    something else of interest...hospitalized kids really don't whine as much as you would expect them too. even those who have every right in the book to be miserable. Why I take care of them instead of the whiney old men :-)
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    OMG I totally hear you. Then you get the ones who are whining whining whining and refuse all meds that will make them feel better... uuuuugggghhhhh.
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    Don't agree with you on this one. Gotta expect sick people to act sick. As a wise doc once told me "sometimes the hardest part of the job is to forgive the patients."
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    #1 reason I'm not an L&D nurse.
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    One of our patients is constantly whining, very anxious and on his call light every 10 minutes. He has been with us for over a month now, so we keep rotating nurses that take care of him. For this particular patient though, it was a good thing that he whines. He has been sent to the ICU three times from our floor. The nurse would know that something was wrong and monitor him more closely because he would actually STOP using his call light, and would not 'whine' so much. This was totally uncharacteristic of him that the nurse would check on him more often, and eventually he was sent to the ICU for those three times. It wasn't a good thing when he was off the call light!
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    I understand exactly the type of whine you mean Stargazer.

    Ugh, I cannot stand it either. It's not being sick, or from being in pain. That is not whining.

    It's being the type of person who is an energy vampire to everybody they know when they are healthy, too. It's just so recognizable. These types love that by actually being sick, they can demand the world to cater to them because they know it's an awesome opportunity, where, we and their family can't turn and leave. Gosh, they might be seriously ill, but they don't seem to think of that other than an awesome opportunity to treat others poorly.
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    It honestly shocked me at how "whiney" and RUDE people can be when I began nursing. I'm empathetic, I really am.. You're sick, you feel crappy/tired/scared, etc so I understand why you're in a terrible mood.. So I'm always pleasant & let things roll off my back.. But they do nottt make it easy.
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    You know it really used to bother me because the TV reception was so bad on the telemetry floor when I worked there. And the food was awful. And the shower rooms cold. BUT when I was a patient there, and I was really sick, I didn't care at all about the TV. And I was NPO for three days. Jello and chicken broth can be really good. And when I was finally able to drag my rear end into a shower, I was just glad the water was warm.
    If they are able to whine, they are not really sick.
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