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Id have to say my biggest pet peeve is when someone hands you a medicaid card as they pull it from their Louis Vuitton handbag with bling on their hands after having rolled up to the ER in their Mercedes Benz! After that I'd say... Read More

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    Jan, that's what I call free entertainment. Just let her twitch, she'll get tired eventually.
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    This happened yesterday, a pt complaining at discharge about how long everything took. Yeah it took a long time, and you were stuck on a gurney in the hallway cause we were PACKED! You saw how many pts we had, how we were running around, and I'm sorry but you had a UTI it wasn't life threatening. Grrrr! We try to do everything for everyone, and can only do so much. I can understand if we're sitting on our butts eating bon bons, but come on!
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    "My kid is having an asthma attack, I've been giving him nebs all night and nothing worked."

    Even though the child's K+ levels are WNL, and I can smell the cigarette smoke from outside the room. Liars.
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    Press Ganey Score
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    You are a Registered Nurse not a transporter. If all your peers agreed to not transport and wait for the transport person there would be delays all the time and management would have to address the transportation issue and not have RN`S doing ancillary work.
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    Open plan ED`S so that the patients (ESI 3,4 + 5) can see the (ESI 1 + 2) patients. Have seen it work many times when there are multiple trauma`s from 1 incident so it spills out on to the main ED (Trauma Rooms full) these patients with non acute/non life threatning complaints stop complaining.
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    When I came to ER (just finished up my 3 month orientation start of Dec.) I knew people came to ER for the smallest complaints. I had NO idea so many people came to ER for FOOD. Regardless of complaint, they all want fed. That's my big peeve.
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    Quote from Poochiewoochie
    Aren't you supposed to chart what the patient says? If they say 10 that's what you're supposed to put down, not "eyeroll" and put down what you think it is.

    .....are you my former critical care instructor lurking? urgh cmon
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    Oh ya and tin out of tin pain (spelled wrong on purpose to emphasize) chest/abdominal/back and you can't even start them triaged because they start demanding: I need a blanket, the telephone, a pillow, those footy socks, something for pain, something to eat, a taxi voucher, how long is this going to take. The turniquette is too tight, why don't you get discovery channel?

    Oh another fav.. Women coming in for vaginal problems knowing they will get a pelvic exam and they bring all their small kids.. Really??
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    Probably already mentioned but mine is "i can't swallow pills" and they're over the age of 6. Seriously? How do you eat? And yeah, that's what i ask them.

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